Skinnygirl Marijuana: Munchie Free?

by Allen Gil January 16, 2015

Skinnygirl Marijuana: Munchie Free?

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Bethenny Frankel, the founder of Skinnygirl, started her empire on the simple concept of making pre-made cocktail mixes that were low-calorie versions of classics such as the margarita and the cosmopolitan.

Well, that craze completely blew up and the mogul has since branched out into vodkas and wines, as well as protein bars and little flavor drops you can add to your water, but this is only the tip of the skinny iceberg.

Now she’s got her eye set on one of the most controversial products on the market: marijuana. According to Mashable, she plans on creating a special strand of “Skinnygirl marijuana” where the skinny twist is: It won’t give you the munchies, a typical side effect of consuming marijuana.

After all, how can you stay skinny if you always have the munchies?


What made Bethenny choose marijuana as her next possible product?

As for the “why” behind this move, anonymous sources claim that it’s strictly for profit.

If you follow the brand, then you already know that Bethenny Frankel is no stranger to making money and hustling, so this new venture should not be a surprise. She sees the money-making potential and has decided it could be worth her while to jump on board.

What are your thoughts? Would you consume a munchie-free version of marijuana? 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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