5 Reasons You Should be Skipping Your Next Workout

by Allen Gil January 18, 2015

5 Reasons You Should be Skipping Your Next Workout

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In our youth, we could get away with a huge amount of activity and barely break a sweat because our bodies were a little (lot) bit better at recovering from the wear and tear. Now that we are older (and wiser, I might add) our bodies just can’t keep up that same pace without some serious repercussions. Your recovery time has gone from being measured with a stopwatch to being tracked on a calendar.

While I wholeheartedly recommend that EVERYONE should exercise to improve their physical and mental health, sometimes too much is exactly that: Too much.

Here are 5 reasons YOU should be skipping your next workout because you just aren’t recovering like you used to:

1. Stressed out? Stay home.


The stress of having your boss ride you all week about that project you have due isn’t just in your head my friend. Mental stress turns into a physical ailment very easily and causes your body to not be able to heal itself as well as it normally does.

If the boss is being a pain, you would be better off skipping the gym and perhaps taking a yoga class to de-stress instead. Namaste.

2. Skip the workout if you are still sore.

If you have already been hitting the gym hard and you are sore from yesterday’s kick-ass routine, maybe you should pass on doing another workout. If your muscles are sore, there is a good chance they aren’t fully recovered and more damage isn’t going to help any.

Take a break my friend and catch up on your stamp collection.

3. Don’t head to the gym if you are feeling a cold coming on.


It sucks that you are sick, and we get that. But there certainly isn’t a good reason that I can think of for you to go share your cooties with the guys down at the local fitness center.

Instead, grab a seat on the couch, sip on some warm chicken soup and wait for your body’s immune system to do its job. Once you’re all better, you can get back to the fitness thing.

4. Avoid that exercise if you haven’t been sleeping well.

If the neighbor’s dog has been keeping you up at all hours and you are just plain tuckered, now might be a good time to catch up on some ZZZ’s with a mid-day nap or by sleeping in on the weekend. Missing one workout won’t kill you, but pushing your limits of being sleep deprived, might make you throw a grenade into the neighbor’s yard to quiet Fido. Nobody wants that, so go lay down, would ya?

5. Just say “No” if your recurring injury is acting up.

Bum knee acting up? Take a load off of it and wait until your body decides to start cooperating again before you head down to that next CrossFit class. Pushing too hard when you have an injury, old or new, is never a good idea.

As we age, our body just doesn’t keep the pace that we want when it comes to recovering from our daily activities. This doesn’t mean you have an excuse to be lazy, it just means you should pay closer attention to how you plan your day. Keep up the great work on your fitness program but every once in a while, it’s a good idea to let your body heal itself by resting and eating right instead of just pushing forward like the bullheaded kid you used to be.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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