Ladies Go Solo... or So LOW

by Allen Gil January 21, 2015

Ladies Go Solo... or So LOW

Guess what? Women masturbate too!

According to WebMD, more than half of women in the United States 18-49 masturbate at least once every three months. For men, this is an ordinary topic that's talked about on the regular with their bro's, but women tend to be a little more reserved. Social taboos have aided in women’s tendencies to feel more ashamed about pleasuring themselves and, therefore, it’s been kept on the down low. What is wrong with a little self-satisfaction ladies? The abundance of health benefits from masturbation may surprise you!

Here are a few health benefits from “doing the deed!”

1. Relieves Stress and Gives You a Natural High:

Stress, we've all felt it at some point. It can hurt you both mentally and physically. When you're stressed you tend to be more prone to illnesses, sleep insomnia, weight-gain or weight-loss, depression, and memory and concentration impairments. Taking part in a little “do it yourself” actually gives you a natural high and reduces stress. So, if you find yourself in a stressful situation… MASTURBATE! Masturbation= high dopamine levels. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that affects your emotions, movements, concentration and your sensations of pleasure! Maybe after some “play” time, you’ll be able to concentrate a little better on your tasks.

2. Aids in Relaxation and Sleep:

If you’re someone who tosses and turns all night or sits up over-thinking everything (like me) and just can’t seem to get comfortable, try pleasuring yourself! Lack of sleep can cause weight gain and it actually kills your sex drive! Masturbation releases oxytocin, which then reduces our cortisol levels. When our cortisol levels are reduced, we are able to get a feeling of relaxation and sometimes even sleepiness. So, next time you find yourself unable to fall asleep ladies, give "it" a try!

3. Can Prevent Infections:

Ladies, according to Womens Health Network, if you have a propensity to Urinary Tract Infections or other cervical infections, pleasuring yourself until you reach climax can help flush out the old bacteria that your body has been building up over time. On a side note, Women’s Health Network believes that “pleasuring yourself” can also relieve pain that is felt during a UTI.

4. You’ll Build Self-Confidence and Exude Sexiness:

We all know how men love a confident woman! The confidence that will build over time, from touching yourself, will open your mind to a whole new realm of ideas. The more comfortable you are with touching your own body, the more comfortable you’ll be having someone else touch your body! Besides, we need to know what turns us on before someone else will know. Women who masturbate, tend to be more open-minded and willing to experiment with their man in bed.. or out of it.. whichever you prefer!

Who knows, maybe once you're comfortable touching yourself, having him watch while you do it will spice up your sex life!

5. Because it Feels INCREDIBLE:

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Pleasuring yourself can be pretty mind-blowing once you know what you like. Besides, I bet you secretly knew that already

P.S. just in case you need a little help, try reading 50 Shades of Grey!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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