3 Things We Love About Women Who Workout

by Allen Gil January 22, 2015

3 Things We Love About Women Who Workout

Women who workout and lift weights, well...

They’re strong. They’re sexy. They’re passionate. And they know exactly what they’re looking for.

If you’re a woman reading this and you don’t lift weights, you can consider this article your reason to start.

If you already lift weights, then this is all the best parts of what your time working out has certainly given you.

And If you’re a man who wants to know a little more about why women who workout and lift weights are amazing, this is your wake up call to start pursuing them (and a list of all the things I love about them, from own experience).

Either way here’s 3 things we love about women who workout:

1. They’re Hotter Than Anyone Else

Women who workout and lift weights are hot. They’re not just effortlessly hot. They’re shapely, they’re strong and they’re confident. From strong Glutes, to toned arms and great posture. There is no part of a woman who lifts weights that isn’t sexy...unless you truly hate calloused hands that is.

And, for the record, they are most definitely not bulky.

2. They Won’t Take Your Sh*t

Women who workout and lift are pretty independent. When your body is strong, so is your mind. And taking people’s shit is never on the agenda for a strong woman. Now, I should say, there are plenty of women who don’t workout with strong personalities. But there is something about a woman who lifts that is just that little bit stronger in their own way.

Whether you’ve worked through a deadlift session on the school run, or banged out a few squats between meetings – there is something deep in the psyche of a woman who lifts that just will not stand for less than the best.

3. They’re Amazing At Sex


A lot of people suck at sex because they have little control over their bodies. They don’t quite know how to make it do what they want. Women who workout don’t have that problem. The stronger they are, the more control they have. They can get their bodies into wonderful positions and hit all kinds of spots that other women can’t.

Most importantly they have a strong pelvic floor muscle. And when that’s at full strength, there will be some orgasms you might not even be able to handle – for both of you.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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