When to Cut Ties with Old Gym Clothes

by Allen Gil January 22, 2015

When to Cut Ties with Old Gym Clothes

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Everyone always has those few pieces of ancient gym clothes that just seem more comfy, more worn in, and more perfectly fitting than the rest of their workout wardrobe. However, all good things must come to an end, right? These elderly gym clothes need to be placed into retirement at some point but how do you know when it’s time to put those bad boys in the trash (or in my case, the “comfy sleep clothes” drawer because I have attachment issues with random articles of clothing)?

Well, spring cleaning is right around the corner and while I do believe it’s never possible to have TOO MANY gym clothes, it is possible to look like a homeless shmuck at the gym.

DISCLAIMER: for those readers who “don’t care how they look when they workout”…good for you! No really. I’m proud of you. But…this article probably isn’t up your alley. I just know that when I look good (I’m not talking supermodel-esque, and HELL NO to a face full of makeup) during my workouts in apparel that isn’t crumbling around me, I feel more UNSTOPPABLE!

I like to follow these simple rules of thumb for clothes that are no longer suitable for a workout:

The seam is slowly starting to unravel:

At this point, you can either A) sew it back together, or B) toss it since it’s probably not as elastic/stretchy/how it once was, anyway.


It happens. You accidentally throw those beloved compression shorts in the washing machine that had some bleach remnants left. Or that white sports bra is now….yellow-ishly white? Time to toss.

Too stretched out:

It’s the sad truth that after so much wear-and-tear, multiple sweat sessions, and multiple hot and cold washes, even the most tight compression shorts start to wear, and will eventually lose their shape. When those leggings, sports bras, and base layers don’t actually “compress” anymore, it’s time to go.

You haven’t worn the item in more than 2 years:

I like to use this rule when I’m cleaning out my closet in general…which is essentially like pulling teeth because, as I mentioned earlier, I have a weird attachment to my clothes. Basically, if you haven’t worn it in 2 years or more, chances are you don’t even really like the item and probably won’t ever wear it again.

They’re not “squat proof”:



To put it bluntly, if you can see your bum through the bottoms when you bend over, you either need to reallocate that piece of clothing to your regular wardrobe, or get rid of it altogether. If you can’t bend over in it without the person behind you being able to see your whole behind, you probably shouldn’t be wearing it. Or maybe you do if the person behind you is good lookin’. *wink wink*

So before you get upset that you may need to throw out your favorite faded black leggings with holes in the crotch or your most awesome fitting cut-off tee that’s more of a ratty piece of fabric than an actual tank top, just know that more room in your closet or drawers means more room for NEW stuff!

Happy cleaning!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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