Six Tactics to Dominate January While There’s Still Time

by Allen Gil January 26, 2015

Six Tactics to Dominate January While There’s Still Time

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It’s almost the end of the first month of the New Year. Where once there was so much promise, your best intentions have fallen short and you’re back cracking the Oreos at midnight and skipping cardio the next morning to nurse your sugar hangover.

It’s okay; we all let our bad habits get the best of us sometimes. But 2015 isn’t a wash just because your gym attendance was less than stellar in January. You’ve quite literally got the rest of the year ahead of you to achieve every one of your fitness resolutions. In this post, we showed you how to get back on track with your goals, but sometimes there are other pieces missing to the puzzle.

That's where these six unconventional tips can really help you dominate January and the rest of your year:

1. Focus on Sleeping More

Just can’t get your ass in gear before dawn breaks or even after work? Eh, it happens.

Instead of constantly giving into excuses, your first goal of 2015 should be to track your sleep patterns. Not only will you be able to detect whether you feel better with certain bed and waking times, but focusing on sleep will give you the confidence boost you need to start making changes in your exercise routine.

2. Treat Yo’self to a New Toy

A fresh pair of workout gloves or running shoes can be just the thing to give you the motivational boost you need to get moving. Besides getting the opportunity to show off your new purchase, chances are your performance will improve with the upgrade since there’s nothing like a run in cushy new kicks.

3. Subscribe to a Fitness Forum

It’s truly incredible how motivating it can be just to have a conversation about your goals, especially with like-minded individuals. In an online fitness forum, you can participate in conversations that you may not have the opportunity to take part in elsewhere. For instance, you’d like to begin CrossFit but don’t know anyone who does it; with a forum of CrossFitters at your disposal, you can get answers, tips, and tricks that will make you want to find an awesome box ASAP.

4. Make Fitness Bets with Friends

Listening to friends or co-workers brag about their achievements can really stoke the motivational fire. In the spirit of competition, make fun wagers about who will log more runs in a week, who will stick closer to their diet or, if you’re really feeling froggy, sign up for a short race to see everyone’s skills in action. Spoiler alert: Everyone wins!

5. Go Easy on the Booze

Now, the health benefits of wine, especially when coupled with exercise, are irrefutable… but that’s not the issue that most people have with alcohol. The sad truth is, if you want to make big changes in your overall health this year, you’re going to have to cut down on the Fireball. It’s extra calories and typically you don’t crave a salad after a long day-drinking session – pizza is going to win every time. Resolve to keep your alcohol intake to 1 or 2 glasses of wine per event, or none at all. Your wallet will thank you, too.

6. Concentrate on Your 1-Rep Maxes

Whether you like to lift heavy (everyone should!!) or you only use cardio equipment, focus on a sprint-type workout the next time you hit the gym or the open road. As you increase your ability to produce a powerful rep (or, say, a faster 400-meter time) your metabolism and performance benefit equally. Plus, it’s really satisfying to size someone up and remind them that, if need be, you could squat their body weight.

Now, go forth and make January your bitch. Small changes make big differences, and it is never too late to start the process!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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