5 Ways to Make Your Gym Outfit Suitable for Real Life

by Allen Gil January 31, 2015

5 Ways to Make Your Gym Outfit Suitable for Real Life

It happens to the best of us. You get in a sweaty, intense workout only to realize you have to go run 5 billion errands afterward. Going home between the gym and the grocery store just seems inconvenient and out of the way, you’re hungry, thirsty, and you forgot about the lunch date later in the day with your mom. SH*T!

Well, I’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 ideas for the ladies (all consisting of items you most likely already have in your closet) that will give some spice to your gym attire. Now you can happily exit the gym and enter real life without a care in the world. Disregarding the sweat mark going down your butt crack of course, hehe.

Throw on an “Infinity Scarf”

This is an easy way to jazz up any boring gym outfit. Not only are they typically super cozy and will keep you warm (especially in the winter months) but scarves seem to give that “I’m perfectly put together” appeal. Especially if you have on all solid colors. Tossing a patterned scarf into the mix helps it become that statement piece that your outfit may be missing.


You train like a bad ass, so why not look the part outside of the gym? Grab a pair of slouchy, fringe, or combat boots and look like you belong on the streets of NYC. Besides sneakers, what goes better with leggings than boots? That’s right. Nothing. AND, you’ll be keeping your toes nice and warm simultaneously.

**Just be sure to pack an extra pair of socks…because sweaty socks in boots are a NO-NO.

Flannel Shirt

This piece is super versatile because you can wear it 2 ways: either how it’s designed to be worn (like a regular shirt) OR, the latest trend, tying it around your waist.

I especially love the latter way because as mentioned above, if you have a sweaty booty, it covers it up ever so perfectly. No one will even know that underneath that flannel, you have a butt sweat stain the size of Texas. The flannel shirt also gives off that boho-chic look that I know I personally love to flaunt, especially on the weekends.

Big Slouchy Purse


If you’re going to give off that homeless person vibe by bumming it up with your Nike leggings and sweaty tank top, you may as well look like a celebrity in the process. Flip to any page in the tabloids; chances are there’s at least ONE gorgeous celebrity in their gym clothes, with a giant slouchy purse that’s size spans half of their body. But you know what? Not only will you look like a rich b*tch, but it holds just about EVERYTHING for you.

Including the flannel shirt, a snack, and maybe even those boots.


There's nothing like a little accessorizing to elevate your outfit. Some chunky bracelets stacked up on your arms will take you right from the gym to that lunch date (or even just to Starbucks) all while giving off that effortless vibe. The goal is to not look like you’re trying too hard. The bracelets just add enough va-va-voom to your casual-comfy outfit to not look over the top.

So now that you’ve got the tips to amp-up your post-gym attire, go get your post-gym accessorizing on, ladies!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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