5 Things NOT to do on Valentine's Day

by Allen Gil February 02, 2015

5 Things NOT to do on Valentine's Day

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For a day dedicated to love, there are a lot of expectations and stress that come along with it. Do you buy your love chocolates? What color roses do you buy? Do you go out for dinner or stay home and cook?

I've seen perfectly happy couples fight and split up on Valentine’s Day because the day they had imagined in their mind did not match the day presented to them by the person they love the most.

With a few weeks left before this high maintenance holiday descends upon us, let’s take a look at what NOT to do if you have a special person in your life that you want to show some love to.

1. Do not turn into someone you aren’t.

Be the person you are every other day of the year. Do not turn into a love spewing fool on Valentine’s Day if you are not that same love spewing fool the day before and the day after. The person you are spending this holiday with loves you for who you are, so be the same person.

2. Do not forget it or think it isn’t important to your love.

Even if you roll your eyes when the first cards are put on the shelves with cute little hearts on them, do not think for a moment that your partner is not expecting some type of recognition on Valentine’s Day. They are!

3. Do not procrastinate on planning.

Restaurants will be exceptionally busy so make reservations early. If you plan on staying home and cooking a great meal, then go shopping now for it. Your gift (should you want to buy one) needs to be ready in advance unless you like the idea of yellow roses and waxy chocolates as a gift.

4. Do not pop the question or get married.

It might seem like a great idea to propose on Valentine's Day, two birds with one stone and all, but it really isn’t. I was married on Valentine’s Day and now that I am divorced, not a single February 14th goes by where I don’t think about that day, along with the pain of getting divorced. My next relationship will not change this day for me, it is forever etched in my memories. I wish that I hadn’t picked that day to get married on. Keep this day clear of major life decisions.

5. Do not use this day to make up for all the other days that you do not show love and appreciation for your significant other.

Show your partner how much you love them and honor your relationship with them on other days throughout the year. Love should be given freely, when you want to, not just because it’s on the calendar. This day cannot be a “get out of jail free” day.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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