10 Winter ACTIVities to Do With Your Kids

by Allen Gil February 03, 2015

10 Winter ACTIVities to Do With Your Kids

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I always struggle to remain active and set a positive example for my children during the cold months, and my guess is that you might too. To help you (and myself) out, I developed this “winter ACTIVities with kids list” and stuck it up right on my refrigerator!


1. Trampoline Bounce

Go to a local Trampoline gym and get bouncing with your kids rather than sitting on the sidelines. Many of these facilities also offer fit camps for adults or adults plus kids.

2. Swim

Who says swimming is just for summer? I take my daughter to a local indoor pool and get a workout in by running through the water while holding her, jumping, and throwing her up and down.

3. Get an Exercise Video

30-Day Shred


Don’t want to get out of your pj’s and brave the cold? Don’t. My favorites are Jillian Michaels 30-day shred and the Waveshape Workout.

4. Host a Dance Party

Get on Pandora and start a radio station based on your favorite Pat Benetar ballad. And you know you have one.

5. Window Shop

Load the kids into a stroller or baby carrier and see how many times you can brisk walk the length of the mall. Bonus points if you walk out empty-handed!

6. Sled, Skate, or Snowfight


Go sledding with the kids. The climb up the hill each time is a calorie-scorcher. Or ice skate. Even having a snowball fight or building a snowman can be a workout with a little effort.

7. Climbing Gyms or Museums

Many cities have museums or climbing walls that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Chase your kids through tunnels and up walls!

8. Shovel Snow

A half hour burns almost 200 calories!

9. Walk or Run

Kids tend not to be deterred by the cold, snow, or rain. They’re just excited to get out there and move! So bundle up and join them.

10. Make a Home Gym

With Toys! – Buy a hula hoop, an exercise ball, a jump rope, a hop ball, or a pogo stick and get movin’.

As a bonus, look at how many calories you burn doing just a half hour of these fun winter activities.

How do you stay active in winter? Hit me up!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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