8 Unusual V-Day Gifts for Health and Fitness Nuts

by Allen Gil February 04, 2015

8 Unusual V-Day Gifts for Health and Fitness Nuts

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We all know the old Valentine’s Day standby’s: roses, chocolates and couples massages. But how can you celebrate your health and fitness-buff sweetheart in a way that’s really unique and sure to make an impact?

Here are some out-of-the-(heart-shaped)-box ideas:

1. Register your S.O. for a race.

My friend Audra is an avid distance runner, and her husband signed her up for the Leadville 100 – one of the hardest 100-mile races in the country, through the Colorado mountains – as a gift. Complete with writing the personal essay on her behalf required for application. (For me that would qualify as cruel and unusual punishment in case any of my many fans are entertaining the idea).


Entry in a race is a great gift for a person who likes a challenge, and could make for a fun couples trip if located outside of your hometown. But be careful: Try to feel them out for preferences beforehand to avoid messing up (“What would your ideal race look like?”), and consider their schedule and availability to train.

2. Sign up for lessons together.

Think rock climbing lessons. Or surfing lessons. Or tango lessons. Or heck, sky-diving lessons - nothing brings two people together more than the prospect of imminent demise! If your partner’s inclinations are more of the risqué than risky bent, consider pole dancing and lap dancing classes.

3. DIY Juicing/Yogurt-Making/etc.

Is your partner addicted to juicing or loves yogurt every once in awhile? Try getting her a yogurt-making machine like this one along with a starter kit of ingredients, or a juicing recipe book, complete with supplements and nutrients that can be added for nutritional boost.

4. Memberships or subscriptions.

Consider a membership for something your S.O. wouldn’t splurge on himself: a swankier gym, or a local produce delivery co-op or health food home delivery service like Naturebox.

5. A trip centered around their chosen sport.

Consider going to see a professional version of their sport of choice, or perhaps just taking them to a great place to bike, run…whatever they are into. For a spa addict, consider a trip to a natural hot spring.

6. Clean, wash, or upgrade their athletic gear.

Being an athlete has its costs: in the form of wear-and-tear on gear, and a seemingly exponential increase in laundry. Help them start anew with cleaned gear, or replace the old gear if it’s needed.

7. Business-building opportunities.

Is your partner passionate about fitness products? Essential Oils? Juicing? Would they love some side income and the freedom of working on their own schedule? Consider signing them up to be a distributor/rep/etc. for a company that sells their products of choice.

8. Join in their passion.

Why not give their sport a try for once? It could lead to a lasting hobby you both can do together. Even if it doesn’t, what’s more romantic than trying to experience your partner’s passion to understand why they love it so much?

A final guiding principle:

Think of what the ideal state or wildest dream is related to your partner’s health and fitness passions. Then “back into it,” asking yourself how you can get them there – or at least a close approximation.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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