Change of Plans: 4 Alternative Valentine’s Day Dates You Won’t Hate

by Allen Gil February 08, 2015

Change of Plans: 4 Alternative Valentine’s Day Dates You Won’t Hate

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Valentine's Day is always a little gaggy, even if you're a romantic.

Perhaps sweeping romantic gestures are not your thing; perhaps you do not have a hundo to drop on what amounts to an armful of pretty, dead weeds for the object of your affection; perhaps your eyes bleed when they're exposed to copious amounts of pink-on-red.

Whatever the reason that you're just not that into Valentine's Day, it's okay.

Shh. Save your explanations. No one cares. It's really fine. And I don't mean that in a passive-aggressive it's-totally fine-but-I-won't-forget-you-did-that way.

I am here—as a woman who likes love and roses and romantic gestures, BTW—to tell you that there are better ways to show your partner you care.

Need an alternative date option that doesn’t feel like a lame cliché? Make any of the following four scenarios a reality:

1. Pour a cocktail and cook dinner

Don't buy an overpriced meal and a bottle of wine in a crowded restaurant. Dress up a little, put on some Carlos Gardel and flirt with your significant other like someone else could steal them from you at any moment. Get tipsy in your kitchen and laugh when you overcook the pasta. Who cares if dinner sucks when you know there's dessert?

2. Spend a good portion of the day apart and arrive separately at your destination

You do your thing, your partner does theirs. Maybe there is a surprise lingerie purchase involved on someone's part, I don't know, I'm just spitballing here. The point is, you make a date to meet somewhere, get ready separately—maybe at a friend’s house—and arrive separately. See how pretty she looks in a crowd of people from a distance? You never get to see her that way, do you? Take yourself out of the norm to see each other like you used to (even if it's just for a second.)

3. Paint her toenails; trim his beard

Don't expect a stellar pedicure and get ready to part with your strategic stubble, if need be. It's not really about the outcome on this one. Making your partner laugh at your feeble—but sincere— attempts to prettify them is endearing and shows that you will always be there to take care of them, even if they can't do it themselves. Slap on a clay facemask and host a private in-home, spa-themed staycation.

4. Bar hop with friends



This is particularly fun if you've got a good group of pals who are in relationships with people you like. Keep it light and fun, don’t splurge on a huge dinner, instead have apps and shots while you watch the rest of the patrons try to pick up singles. Act like fools, make-out in public, get home responsibly. Boom. You just won Valentine’s Day.

Most of us find that one partner digs the sweetest holiday more than the other, which leaves the ambivalent partner two options: come off like a pessimistic jerk, or run around trying to appease the emotional needs of the other person. Neither one of those choices makes for a very fun day, and the imbalance too often leads to unnecessary bickering or even a breakup, and that's just a pain in the ass that no one wants to deal with.

So, in closing, don’t worry about whether you bought the right flowers, booked the fanciest restaurant or wrote a sonnet you wouldn’t be mortified to read aloud if you had to. If you love someone, throw out the rulebook and the calendar to actually enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and make it whatever the hell you want it to be.+++++++

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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