3 Ways to Improve Your Fitness OUTSIDE of the Gym

by Allen Gil February 10, 2015

3 Ways to Improve Your Fitness OUTSIDE of the Gym

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The gym is a wonderful place.

It’s the home-away-from-home for anyone with a love for improving themselves.

But just like anything strenuous, it gives your body a beating and when you’re constantly putting your body under lots of stress it eventually takes its toll.

So, in this simple guide, I want to show you 3 simple (and virtually free) ways you can start to improve your recovery at home, right now.

Ready? Let’s go…

#1: Foam Roll Whilst Watching TV

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The average American watches five hours of TV per day. I know you’re "busy" catching up on your favorite episodes of The Walking Dead every now and again, but why not use that time to help your body recover and grow stronger instead?

Foam Rolling at home is a cheap and easy way to prevent injuries and improve recovery. (To learn more about foam rollers, check out our article here)

If you DO NOT have a foam roller, try buying a couple of 50 cents tennis balls, laying a towel out on the floor and really going to town on those sore spots. Now, this may feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, but believe me, your body will thank you for it later.

#2: Do Iso-Lateral Movements Before Bed for Better Sleep


This is basically single leg or single arm movements. In the 4-Hour-Body, Timothy Ferris finds that sleep is improved after doing complex movements, due to the fact it works the nervous system so hard.

Sleep is extremely important for muscle development, recovery and growth. So single leg work is always good for improving your stabilization muscles and injury prevention. Try doing split squats with your front foot on a sofa cushion.


#3: Use An Old Necktie To Improve Your Posture


Have an old necktie in your closet that you never wear? Well, use it to stretch out your back muscles and improve your posture.

Find a raised point – or close the bedroom door on the end of your tie – and try to hit this stretch for a minute or two on each side. You’ll feel your muscles relaxing and your posture improving in no time.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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