Sorry, No Carnitas Here

by Allen Gil February 12, 2015

Sorry, No Carnitas Here

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Chipotle made the announcement back in January that production of their beloved carnitas, or “naturally raised pork braised with thyme, bay, juniper berries and cracked black pepper," has come to a halt. Just one month later, there are still no carnitas in sight for some locations.


We Still Love Ya’ Chipotle

As mentioned in this article, Chipotle is one of the better-for-you fast food chains around. After all, part of their mission is, “finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers.”

Well, one of its major suppliers of pork dropped the ball big time, and Chipotle refused to let it slide.

Pork Supplier Violated Chipotle’s Terms

On a routine visit to one of their pork suppliers, the Chipotle team found concerns related to how the pigs were housed and questioned the possibility of hormone and/or steroid use. According to Chipotle, their standards for animals include access to the outdoors instead of cramped cages, and they’re not budging on it. In addition, they refuse to sell meat that’s been injected with hormones or steroids. How many other fast food restaurants can back this claim up?

Instead of hiding this issue from the public, Chipotle has remained transparent and kept their customers in the loop throughout the entire process.


What Happens Next?

As a clever solution, Chipotle stores are rotating their supply of carnitas that they have on hand so multiple locations can enjoy their pork until product levels can be restored. To find out which locations will have their mouth-watering specialty, visit

Despite how tasty the carnitas are, only about six or seven out of 100 customers even order the pork.

Either way, we’re glad to see a fast food company leading the way by delivering tasty food that’s backed by quality ingredients.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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