8 Ways to Get Fit and Look Great When You're Broke

by Allen Gil March 13, 2015

8 Ways to Get Fit and Look Great When You're Broke

1. Shop Local Chain Stores NOT Boutiques:

Nothing feels better than having a sports bra that fits you just perfectly AND was found on the discount rack to boot! If you're anything like me, you'd prefer having a sports bra that matches every color combination you could possibly dream up, but would rather cut off your leg than to pay over $20 for one. Yeah, I may be a little cheaper than most.


Anyhow, I recommend for those of you who want to look like a millionaire but are rocking the "thousandaire" wallet, to take a peek at your local chain stores like Ross and Marshall's. Don't snub your nose at me for saying this, Lululemon is great and don’t we all wish we had a closet full of these bad boys, but honestly, who can pay that much for a pair of leggings and not feel like they are only doing it for the approving nod from the other women in their gym? My day job is personal training and frankly I can’t bring myself to wear the same outfit in a week. So because I cannot be a walking Lululemon billboard, I have been proudly rocking the Ross leggings. Oh yes, Ross. And I have a pair in practically every print they come out with.  And for those of you who haven’t ventured into a Ross is a while, these leggings are only $6. They are super soft and very comfortable. The best part, if they fall apart, you won’t cry.

Your local chain stores also put their sports attire on sale ALL THE TIME, so finding a sports bra marked down to $5 is not that uncommon.  

2. Shop Online Wholesale Sites:


I understand that most people either don’t have the time, patience, or know-how when it comes to finding deals online. Fortunately you have someone like me who lives for a good bargain…and I don’t mind sharing the little gems that I find. There are public sites that sell to the boutiques that we frequent that will also sell TO YOU directly. “Get outta here” you say! These sites really don’t care who buys from them. They give the local boutique a little bit of a volume discount over what they sell it to an individual for. But when you consider that the top that you were eyeballing in the window that would set you back $89, is now available to you for $15, you just might cry a tear of joy. One in particular that I happen to love is www.rosewholesale.com.

You can buy individually AND get a discount if you buy a few extra pieces….why not get a couple girlfriends a cool new pair of leggings and save a few extra bucks. You can also earn points by uploading a picture in your new purchase as well as get even more discounts from this site. Oh and did I mention, leggings and such will run you about $5-$10? Yeah. They also run another site for the junior crowd, www.rosegal.com. So before you pull out the plastic at a local boutique, search that item on an online wholesale site and see if you can get it cheaper….guaranteed you’ll find one.

For those of you who are hardcore fitness buffs and need more of the performance type items as well as running gear and shoes, you can get some pretty sweet discounts at PlanetGear.com (up to 70 percent off) and TheClymb.com (up to 75 percent off) on apparel, shoes, and equipment.  

3. Score a Discount From Your Employer:

Ask if your company has negotiated any corporate discount rates at fitness centers around town. You can also check with your health care provider on this too. A lot of times, gyms like to partner with doctor’s offices and offer a nice little discount to their patients.  Some insurers will pay you for working out: Check to see if your plan offers a reimbursement option. United Healthcare will pay you $20 per month annually. Your employer might also offer a health-and-fitness allowance as well, which could get you up to a few hundred dollars per month.  

4. Shop the Gym Passes and Deals:

Compare gym discounts and passes. Most gyms offer a free day or week trial membership. Also ask the gym, that you may be considering on joining, if they have any deals with local business too. For example, the local tanning salon may offer a discount for their services if you have a membership at a particular gym. You may not save on the gym membership BUT you will save on the tanning salon fees, so in essence you got the discount!

Annual-Member-Sale barrefitness.com

5. Negotiate Like a Pro:

Gym owners will hate me for even suggesting this, however, it’s true that you can get a discount if you play your cards right. Some gyms are more flexible on membership towards the end of the month. Perhaps they would waive the signup fee. Or if you are paying for personal training in addition to a monthly fee you can possibly negotiate a lower monthly rate to compensate. You'll never find out if you don’t ask, and trust me, they expect you to ask. Remember to be as sweet as pie and never act like you know they can do it. Let the person you are talking to feel like it was their idea to help you out.  

6. Get a Deal on ClassPass:

Class-Deals img.grouponcdn.com

ClassPass is a monthly membership to participating fitness classes in your city. There are thousands of classes available to ClassPass members across the country in 23 cities and more being added daily. For $79 – $99 a month, ClassPass members get unlimited classes to fitness studios including cycling, Pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts, and more. You can download the app and get your classes set up for the month. No gym membership needed and you can attend a new class every day if you want. Awesome!  

7. Create a home gym:



If getting a gym membership puts a sour taste in your mouth or you’d feel more comfortable in your own space, you can easily and cheaply create a great home gym with all the necessary tools to get you feeling and looking sexy on a budget. All you really need is a kettlebell, a couple of hand weights (5 lbs and 10lbs for the ladies and up to 10lbs and 20lbs for the fellas), a stability ball and resistance bands. Overstock.com is a great site to get your gear for a discounted price or you can also check out my fav….you guessed it, Ross. Yes, Ross carries a very nice selection of home fitness gear such as stability balls, hand weights, and resistance bands on the cheap.  

8. Trainer Via Video:

Trainer-Roni fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net

Now let me preface this with: if you have any injuries or have specific needs, working with a trainer is the best option and cutting corners is not advisable. However, if you just need a few tips, or are the type of person that would prefer to follow along rather than making up your own routine, watching a trainer video is not only cheap but it can also be FREE!  A lot of trainers, including myself, create videos to help people learn the proper form of exercises as well as videos with fun workout routines. You can see mine at youtube.com/ronitaylorfitness and I’m sure if you do a little Google search you will find many more free Youtube workouts you’ll love. Paying for workout videos these days is a thing of the past and if you’re even a tad bit adept at doing a search you will surely find plenty of great content to follow.  

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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