Fast Food Differences From Around the World

February 13, 2015

Fast Food Differences From Around the World

You may or may not already know that many fast food chains have special menu items that are only found in certain geographic locations. For example, several McDonald’s locations in New York sell mozzarella sticks yet you can’t find them anywhere else. But if you visit Maine, you’ll find a lobster roll instead. The differences can even be seen across the globe. McDonald’s in India, which has a mostly vegetarian population, offers options such as a Veg McMuffin and other similar items that even the United States doesn’t have.

While we’re not advocating that any of these choices are healthy (hence why this is in the ‘Get Happy’ category instead of ‘Get Healthy’), it’s still pretty funny to see what fast food looks like from around the world.  



After you finish watching this video, you may be tempted to hit up your nearest fast food joint. Instead, hold a squat and/or plank for as long as you can or the duration of this video (7 mins!!).

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