5 Common Fitness Lies Exposed: Don't Trust Those Popular Fitness Personalities

by Allen Gil February 22, 2015

5 Common Fitness Lies Exposed: Don't Trust Those Popular Fitness Personalities

Some people will believe anything. If it’s posted online, then it’s obviously a viable source of information, right? NOPE. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to fitness, you can’t trust everything you hear… or see. Between Photoshop, design apps, and the plethora of contradictory health and fitness articles on the web,  it’s time someone sheds some light on the common lies you see in fitness magazines and from enthusiasts who post on the daily. Here we have the top 5 common fitness lies exposed!

“1. I got this butt from squats.”



Well, yes, squats help lift and shape the booty, but going from pancake butt to a Kim K-worthy booty in a short time = not possible. Did you know there is an actual plastic surgery app for your smartphone that lets you enlarge body parts? It gained attention when rumors began floating around over Kylie Jenner’s suddenly larger-than-life duck lips. But it doesn’t stop there. There are some Instagram “celebs” that have had some plastic surgery to alter their behinds and claim to have earned that ba-donka-donk from lunges and squats. RIIIIIIGHT.

Lastly, it’s all about how you pose. The “booty pop” pose involves putting all of your weight onto the leg closest to the mirror, or camera, and a slightly arched back which gives the appearance of a big, round behind. I would know because I do it. However, I have proudly built my booty up over a two-year span, so it IS possible, just maybe not to the gargantuan extent that you see online.

“2. Had a nice sweat sesh to get out all the toxins from this weekend.”

News flash: sweating can only help you get rid of some water, salt, and a few electrolytes. Sorry, but there’s nothing that will rid your body of the seven mimosas, cheeseburger and fries you ate the past few days. There’s unfortunately nothing that can actually get rid of those “bad toxins” other than time, hydration, and a healthy diet.

“3. Use light weights for toning those arms!”



False. Light weights can help add some resistance to your kickboxing, pilates, Zumba, or any other type of cardio/ endurance-based workouts, but light weights will not help you get to the level of “toned” that you are most likely envisioning. Lifting weights that are challenging is what will build up that muscle and help you burn more calories. More muscle = more calories burned at rest (and yes, that’s a fact, I promise). 

“4. You need supplements to get results”



Well, you don’t. Supplements are exactly that: a SUPPLEMENT to your already healthy diet. Truth is, eating a well-balanced diet consisting of proteins, good fats, carbs, fiber, and other nutrient-rich foods combined with a workout regimen is what will get you results. A supplement can be used to fill in the blanks that natural foods do not provide you with, or give you an extra blast of energy pre-workout, but that’s about it. When you don’t have the time (or just don’t feel like eating ANOTHER piece of chicken breast,) a protein shake is the perfect substitute.

“5. Core exercises will get you toned abs.”

Hate to break it to you but those articles/workouts you see all over the internet that read “5 Exercises for Toned Abs” or “Core Exercises to Get You a Flat Belly” will not work. In the same way that you can’t choose where you put fat on, you sadly can’t choose where you want to take fat off. “Spot reduction” is not something that applies to fitness. You can do 5 million crunches but if the rest of your body isn’t balanced, or your diet isn’t in line with your goals, abs are not going to happen. You can’t just select one area of your body to focus on. Abs appear from having a low body fat. As mentioned above, more muscle = more calories burned at rest, which = lower body fat %. Work on building muscle throughout your whole body and those coveted abs will follow.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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