Could Laughter Make You More Attractive?

by Allen Gil February 27, 2015

Could Laughter Make You More Attractive?

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Can laughter make you more attractive?

Why yes! Yes it can. Don’t you just love to be around those people that can laugh so easily at the world? They make you feel captivated in a sense, and you want to know what secret they have that makes them so alluring. They seem so happy and carefree, like they won the life lottery. I will take some of what she is having please!!

Laughter is, as the medical community claims, the best medicine. Smiling and laughing in social settings is a sign that you are an attractive, approachable person that is easy to talk to. However, the benefits of laughter extend beyond just being more attractive. It is quite possible that the key to a long, healthy, and attractive life is simply to laugh more. Laughter has the ability to ease stress, improve physical and mental health, and even help with burning extra calories. Can it get any better than that? Actually it can.

After much research on the topic, I've found 5 ways that laughter can improve your health and sexual attractiveness.

1.Sexual attractiveness.


In a study on humor and sexual attractiveness that was published in Psychology Today, it's clear that humor is attractive to both men and women, however, not in the exact same way. Women prefer men that make them laugh, while men prefer women that will laugh at their jokes.

Humor can be a sign of intelligence, and intelligence is an attractive trait in a mate. It gives clues to their genetic makeup, longevity, and ability to provide or nurture potential offspring. Of course we don't live in caveman days, however, our basic needs and functions are still quite similar. Plus, women and men that smile and laugh more in social settings are sought out and given more attention than others. They're seen as happier people and they come across as more attractive.

2. Longevity.

Laughter increases the activity of natural killer cells, which is a type of white blood cell in the bloodstream that may in turn boost the immune system. (You can read the research here) Laughter also causes increased breathing and heart rate, which means your body will use more oxygen. More oxygen floating through your body means your organs will get not only more oxygen, but also more blood flow to them, allowing them to function better.

3. Anxiety and Depression.

A hearty laugh will relax the body and release endorphins. Endorphins are those feel good hormones that kick in when we eat chocolate, or fall in love, or have an orgasm. This flood of endorphins will ease stress and anxiety, and lift your mood if you are feeling down, without any negative side effects. How cool is that?!

4. Weight loss.



Yes, you read that right, laughing burns calories. A study published in The International Journal of Obesity has proven that just 15 minutes a day of laughter has the potential to burn anywhere from 10 to 40 calories, depending on a person’s weight and the intensity of their laugh. That’s anywhere from 1 to 4 lbs a year! Just from laughing. That is enough of an incentive for me to go to every comedy club I can find just to say I am burning calories!

5. Heart Health.

According to the American Heart Association, there are several ways that making time to laugh can help your heart. Laughing not only increases the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol in your body, but also brings down inflammation in your blood vessels and reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

With so many health benefits and the ol' saying that, 'laughter is the best medicine,' we can really see why. So how do you find ways to laugh more?

Spend more time with friends that make you laugh. Watch more T.V. shows and movies that fall under the genre comedy. Laugh at yourself more instead of being so serious all the time. Play board games with your family. Kids are great for finding ways to laugh at life.

So go and find ways to laugh more. Your life literally depends on it!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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