Getting GYFT’D at #ASF15 (Part Two)

by Allen Gil March 10, 2015

Getting GYFT’D at #ASF15 (Part Two)

[Continued from Getting GYFT’D at #ASF15 (Part One)]


Beards seemed to be a common denominator in event-goers. This one takes the gold for best beard at ASF15 by a longshot. Blake had some trouble taking his eyes off of it. It took him four years to grow it out--beginning with a $1,000 bet he made with a friend for charity.
Top two beards at the arnold. It only took four months for Gene (right) to grow that bad boy. He must have started puberty at age six…
Because anybody that can do that deserves an award. He could win every Halloween contest with his built-in costume. So unfair.
Spiderman on patrol to deal with any extreme cases of “roid rage.”

That’s too many abs for me to count…

If you didn’t think bodybulding was a work of art before, you obviously didn’t take a peek at the masterpieces like these at Art at the Arnold.
Event attendees also had the opportunity to compete at a variety of visitor booths. This guy is going for most pullups of the day.
It wasn’t all business as Blake cracks some smiles flirting with the ladies of Quest Nutrition. Ham and cheese on protein bread never tasted so good.
This little gem is just too brilliant not to post. Max is making this fitness model look like he doesn’t even lift…
The models at Flexicus needed a reason to get on the GYFT website. Blake didn’t mind obliging.
Eco friendly and super swole? Now what’s not to love about that? Big shoutout to our main men Bill Van Pelt and Tim Trad over at Helix for shaking things up. Be sure to keep an eye out for these bad boys to be in nutrition stores near you in the near future.
This guy is going “caveman”, learning how to use the RMT Club at the WeckMethod booth.

We all know how much Roni loves her Bosu. Here she is holding a squat, about to beat the camera man (her husband, Jason) with the RMT Club.
Blake cracking (literally) a joke as Michelle from RumbleRoller schools him on the proper uses of a foam roller.

Ryan Hoag, owner of the Kettle Clamp, explaining how to use one of our favorite products from the event. Have a set of dumbbells or barbells? Great. Purchase a Kettle Clamp or two and now you have a full set of kettlebells also.
Jason taking the Kettle Clamp for a swing. (See what I did there?!)


Is that not a heart or is my mind just always in the gutter? Awesome apparel from I Love Squats.

Protein meets Starbust. Now everyday is cheat day!

Incredible concept for strengthening your core with the innovators over at Core Prodigy. Brady crushing the demo for the GYFT crew.
The guys at Smart Shake bringing some pizazz to your beverage of choice.

Roni is about to be walking on clouds as she slips Air Feet Insoles into her sneakers. These guys are the real deal when it comes to taking care of one of the most critical parts of your body.
The Posture Medic help keep your shoulders back and spine straight. Nobody likes a sloucher.
Roni getting reenergized and rehydrated with ávitae caffeinated water.
Jaybird’s bluetooth headphones kept the party going no matter which booth we were at. There you have it. We came, we saw, we got GYFT’D at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival. From the team here at Get Your Fit Together, til’ next year, Columbus.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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