Flex for Success

by Allen Gil March 16, 2015

Flex for Success

Don't you lie, we have all done it. You get in front of the mirror, take a peek over your shoulder to make sure you’re alone, and stare at your reflection as you let your ego break free; and then it happens: You flex.

Standing there like a faux body builder; posing with arms up squeezing with all your might in an effort to pop those muscles out, ready for self-critique. Are you not this kind of person? Do you laugh at the ego-driven behavior of people who would let their self-consumption get the best of them as they commit this act of douche-baggery?

Well, as it turns out; this little ego-driven action may just be one of the best things you can do for your body.

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It is a secret used by body builders to develop an impressive physique that you won't feel embarrassed about showing off to more than just your mirror. Prepare to FLEX for SUCCESS! According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he learned the secret to developing a more defined physique from trainer Joe Weider who called flexing the "Isotension Principle."


The idea is that after the last repetition of a set, like a dumbbell curl, you should flex your bicep for about 5 seconds maintaining the activity of myofibrils, which are the cornerstones for building your muscles. The more you activate these myofibrils over time, the greater the tension on your muscle fibers.

Your muscle grows ever so slightly every single time you contract it. The greater the contraction (lifting weights) the greater the gains, but if you put this "isotension Principle" into every single action you will increase what Arnold called your mind muscle connection, and increase your definition.

When you drink a cup of water

Flex your bicep to its peak; hold it a few seconds then release.

If you sit at your desk for long periods at work

Set a timer on your phone for every five minutes, when it vibrates an alert, flex those abdominal muscles for six seconds.

Arnold was known for flexing ALL THE TIME. When he was eating breakfast with one hand, the other was holding a pose; when he finished a bench press set, he would squeeze his pectoral muscles together for a little extra pump.

No matter what he was doing, one thing is certain: he was always flexing something!


So try it out for yourself. If you haven't done it already while reading this article, flex your abs, the more you do it, the faster your abs will see some definition. All of these moments that go by with your muscles in a completely relaxed and inactivated state are what leads to bellies that hang loose and spill over the top of your belt buckle. Well that and poor diets of course.

Arnold often attributed what makes a body builder stand out on stage was not only attributed to the work they put in at the gym, but the mind-muscle connection they had while out of the gym too.

Now, obviously you can't scarf down fast-food and skip the gym for a trip to the couch for a 5 hour Netflix session with the excuse "It's ok... I'm flexing!" You have to add this "Isotension Principle" to an already healthy lifestyle. So, give it a shot. Get off the couch, get to the gym, get flexing, get motivated, and most importantly GET YOUR FIT TOGETHER!

Get off the couch, get to the gym, get flexing, get motivated, and most importantly...


Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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