Do This One Thing and He Is Yours Forever

by Allen Gil March 19, 2015

Do This One Thing and He Is Yours Forever

You’ve met someone that you are head over heels for.  Have you had “the” talk yet?  Where is this going? How do you feel about us? Will this be the last relationship for the both of us?  Those are tough questions for even us girls to talk about and we are the ones who always want to talk in the relationship.

Well, you know what?  It turns out that men are just as complicated as women when it comes to emotions and expressing those emotions.  They, like we do, know they feel something, but they can’t quite put it into words.

What if there was one thing you could do that would make him want to ask those questions all on his own and commit to you on all levels?  This isn’t a trick or a manipulation.  This one thing just so happens to be the one thing that men crave from their partner yet they do not know how to express that it is what they need.  They do not really understand why they need it either.

The truth is that men equate respect with love.  If they do not feel respected, they do not feel loved.  It’s not just a neutral regard for his rights as a human that he craves.  A man’s heart desires a deeper level of respect.  While it is irrational, he secretly wants to be revered as someone who is both powerful and effective.

He wants to be taken seriously as a capable provider who has many talents and skills.  This is simply how he is made.  Forget about the old saying “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The real key to his heart AND to his mind is showing him respect.

Here are some ideas of how to show your man that you respect him. By respecting him, you are giving him something that he needs, yet he doesn’t realize why he needs it. This will make you the ultimate woman in his eyes and he will want to commit to you.

1. Stop wearing the pants in the relationship.

It’s a partnership, not a dictatorship.  He is not a child and treating him as such will make him go running for the hills. Allow him to make some decisions on your day-to-day activities. Let him pick out where you are going to eat. If something needs to get fixed, ask for his help. Show him that his opinion matters.



2. Be happy and joyful around him.

If he sees you as a happy and a joyful person, he will want to bring that out more in you.  Really, no one wants to be around a negative nelly.  Men enjoy women that are enjoyable to be around.  They love to know they created that huge smile on your face

3. Accept his ego.

Men have an ego. It’s all that testosterone they have.  They simply cannot help it.  They need to be the provider and their ego actually helps them stay on top of the game.  Accept that he has an ego and stroke it.  Value his accomplishes.  Support his efforts instead of pointing out where he screwed up.  Do not nag, suggest.  If he feels that you are giving him room to make the decision of when to take the trash out instead of nagging him to death about taking it out right now, he will feel that you are valuing him instead of scolding him.

4. Don't say "I told you so."

When he makes a mistake, which is going to happen, do not say “I told you so” or point out the actions that caused him to make the mistake. He feels bad for making the mistake that he made and you pointing it out to him will make him feel shame and that he failed in front of his woman.  Men do not want that.

5. Want the best for him in all situations.

He may come to you with advice on a decision he needs to make.  Listen to him and be supportive, but do not offer anything other than support.  If he asks for your opinion and you offer advice that he follows, then he will feel emasculated because you came up with what decision he should make. This is like wearing the pants.  Simply listen and remind him to follow his own instincts and he will make the right decision.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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