10 Ways To Tell If You Are A Love Psychopath

by Allen Gil March 23, 2015

10 Ways To Tell If You Are A Love Psychopath

You have fallen in love with the perfect person. This person is everything you want and more. This time you have found the “one.”  You are sure of it.  You rave about this person to friends and family and they just act normal, not sharing your excitement.

They might even bring up all the other times you have met “the one.” You just laugh and shrug it off because you know this is the big “one.” But didn’t you think you knew that with each person you fell head over heels for? Why didn’t those other “ones” work out if they were the “one?”

Could it be that you are addicted to the act of falling in love? Could you be a love psychopath? A psychopath? Really? Is there such a thing? Certainly you have seen or heard about people that have hurt someone because they were rejected. Love makes you do some crazy things and think even crazier thoughts.

Love sick, crazy in love, and blinded by love are real feelings and experiences. Intense, passionate feelings of love really can mess with your mind and body—from affecting the way you talk, to the way you walk. So how do you know if you are a serial lover? If you answer yes to three or more of the questions below you might be.

1. Are you nobody until somebody loves you?

You feel incomplete without a loving relationship. It’s the one thing that will make your life perfect.

2. Do you stay in relationships that you know are bad for you?



The thought of being alone is enough to drive you into the arms of Mr. Super Wrong. He’s the guy that hurts you over and over again and treats you with no respect. But hey, he’s there for you and doesn’t make you feel alone so it works, right?

3. Are you a relationship jumper?

Do you jump to the next available relationship after a break-up without taking the proper time to heal? Are all of your relationships a rebound relationship?

4. Do you jump from one relationship to the next once the infatuation phase of love wears off?

Do you feel like the love is gone once you have been with a person for a little bit of time? If you no longer feel that feeling, do you look for another person to have that feeling with?

5. Do you require more attention from your partner than they do of you?

Do you feel insecure about yourself when you are alone? Do you require your partner to show more affection and appreciation for you or you start to feel unloved and insecure?

6. Do you push everyone that is stable in your life away when you are in love?

Do you cease contact with your friends and family because the love of your life wants to see you?

7. Are you so preoccupied with finding love that you are not able to work efficiently, or maintain normal relationships with family members?



Is finding love the only thing you think about? So much so that at work you are on all the dating sites looking for love that you never get any work done?

8. Do you give much more in a relationship than what you receive?

Are you giving the other person everything you have emotionally, mentally and physically, and not receiving anywhere close to that in return? Do you turn a blind eye to that in the hope that they will eventually give you what you want?

9. Do you give up on your personal goals because love is so much more important than goals?

Do you somehow feel that if you are not focused on finding a relationship that you will miss out on one? Do you stop perusing your personal life goals because without a loving relationship, none of those goals mean anything, even if they are life-long goals?

10. Do you become a completely different person just to make someone else love you?


Are you altering your personality based on what your present partner likes and dislikes, so that they will love you more? Have you changed so much that your friends and family do not know or understand you anymore?

If you answered yes to some of these questions then perhaps you go a little loco in the head where love is concerned. A healthy relationship is about two people sharing their individual worlds and creating a world together that makes both of them equals and happy. Anything else is simply not worth it. 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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