The Low-Tech Secret to Improving Your Sleep Quality

by Allen Gil March 26, 2015

The Low-Tech Secret to Improving Your Sleep Quality

The headline is a bold statement, but it’s not click bait. Please stay with me for a few lines and I promise you will be out like a light this evening, provided you have the time to run to the drugstore today. Promise.

Okay, so, in case you haven’t heard, Americans’ sleeping patterns suck. Hard. Our sleeping patterns suck so hard that last year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a public health warning calling insufficient sleep an epidemic.

In its report, the CDC says that inadequate sleep is commonly linked to “motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors.” Time to get serious about our snoozes, methinks.

Now that you know how badly you need restful, restorative sleep, I give you the single, cheapest, quickest and most effective way to get it.

Sleep with earplugs in.

There you have it. Earplugs. Now let me tell you how they’ve helped me.

sleep with earplugs

No snoring partners or overzealous train conductors.

Both applied to myself. Pop the plugs in and instantly get relief from a back-sleeping boyfriend or obnoxious-as-fuh train horns. Without any noise to wake you (which may happen more often than you realize), your mind is free to drift off to dreamland.

Closing your ear holes opens your third eye…hole.

Without sound, you can really hear your own breathing, which is one of the best ways to begin meditating. Focus on positive thoughts and just breathe. With my earplugs in, the noise of the outside world is blocked, which helps me escape the mental “noise” that sometimes keeps me up at night.

Achieve deeper, more restful sleep.

You can witness instant improvement in the quality of your sleep the first time you try it, and I know this from personal experience. On most nights, I use a fitness tracker wristband that also tracks sleep. I’ve seen the amount of deep sleep I achieve increase by hours each night after using earplugs. A handful of people I know have seen the same thing, and yet using earplugs is still some secret method that most people don’t want to bother with.

Why Don’t We Care About Our Zs?


We all know that counting the requisite number of sheep is a vital component to a healthy, happy life, so why are we so quick to dismiss its importance? My guess is that, because sleep recommendations are not as black-and-white as, say, smoking vs. not smoking, the lines of healthy behavior become blurred. We prioritize other things over sleep because we do not see the negative effects of poor sleeping habits until they have become unbearable.

When we are grumpy, craving sugary foods, can’t concentrate at work, or have a car accident – that’s when we begin to take our sleep seriously. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is very normal and very human. Correcting issues only after they become problems is kinda typical for creatures who have evolved to use the least amount of energy whenever possible.

Get yourself some earplugs today to feel like a superstar tomorrow.

Trust me on the earplugs thing. If it doesn’t work for you, you have my permission to call me out on social media using the hashtag #sleepstealingliar or any other insulting epithet that comes to mind.

…But I’m pretty confident you won’t need to.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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