Let Your Shirt Do the Talking: Workout Shirts That Will Get You Off Your Ass

by Allen Gil April 07, 2015

Let Your Shirt Do the Talking: Workout Shirts That Will Get You Off Your Ass

If you’re anything like me, every day there’s a different beautifully crafted excuse for why you don’t feel like getting off your ass and exercising. It’s raining, I need a nap, I’ll go tomorrow, I don’t know what to wear, and…I’m going to stop before I give you all too many ideas.

We’ve got shirts for all seven days of your excuses. You will never utter the words, “I don’t know what to wear” again! If these cute and sassy shirts don’t get you off your ass and to the gym, then I honestly don’t know what will.

Mean Girl Mondays

Mondays suck. We’re all mourning the loss of the weekend and getting slapped with the harsh reality of work or school – or if you’re super unlucky, both. It’s socially acceptable to be a little mean on Mondays, so put on your best bitch face, throw on one of these Mean Girl inspired shirts and hit the weights.

Get in Loser We’re Going to the Gym


You Can’t Lift With Us


Crossfit Tuesdays

OK, Monday is over, it’s time to get your ass in gear, which is exactly what you will do with your Tuesday. I can’t think of a better way to push your body to its limits than with box jumps, row machines and a high-intensity workout. These shirts will ensure no one will mess with you because, honestly, anyone crazy enough to do Crossfit, shouldn’t be messed with.

Meaning of Crossfit


Breakup Wednesday

There is no good day to break up with someone. For some reason, I imagine a large majority of them occur on Wednesdays. Whatever day that jerk dumps you, these shirts will definitely keep the male population away when you’re channeling all your anger into that workout.

Relationship Status = At the Gym


Cheaper than Therapy


Hot Guy Thursdays

You’re so close yet so far from the weekend. Let some celeb hotties be your motivation today! Even better, if you were just dumped yesterday, then you're back on the market for Bradley or Ryan. You should really be thanking your ex now that I think about it.

Run Like Bradley Cooper is Waiting at the Finish Line


Squat like Ryan Gosling is Behind You


Boozy Fridays

Most of you would probably rather chase a shot than a finish line on Fridays, but you’ll feel better about that fruity cocktail or third round of beers if you get a workout in first. I promise there will be alcohol later, just finish this mile first.

Run Now, Wine Later


Squats before Shots


Survival Saturdays

That pounding in your head and fried breakfast craving is telling you that maybe you took Boozy Friday a little too seriously. As your body goes into survival mode to get through the day, let these shirts really get you into character.

Picked for The Hunger Games


First To Die in Hunger Games


Princess Sundays

Sunday is like a double edged sword. Perfect for Netflix binges, but close enough to Monday that you can already feel the overload of stress. Relax at a morning yoga class and embrace the day of rest with these Princess inspired shirts.

Getting Swole Never Bothered me Anyway


Forget the Glass Slippers


Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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