Four White-Hot Secrets to Maintaining Platinum Blonde

by Allen Gil April 08, 2015

Four White-Hot Secrets to Maintaining Platinum Blonde

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Blonde hair, don’t care.

Few events in life rival the natural high of bonding with a new hairstyle. For the beauty-obsessed and the fashion-forward, tracking down a potential coiffure improvement is rewarding on many, many levels.

If you’re inclined to go blonde and lean toward extreme looks, I highly recommend giving platinum a try. No, not bright, light yellow-blonde; I’m talking platinum.

Silver-toned, snowy, mysterious platinum blonde; something that requires a Mother of Dragons-level of commitment. Why? Because it’s stunning and different and everyone is going to say “wow.”

Regardless of what their stunned response means (“wow,” crazy-wow or wow-I-wish-I-had-the-balls-to-do-that, “wow?”) platinum hair gets you noticed. It’s a look that almost anyone can pull off if you’re willing to ignore the litany of naysayers who will assure you that your natural color is more fitting. You know what we say to those people? Nothing. We nod our heads, smile and do whatever we were going to do anyway.

The biggest problem with this gorgeous look? Maintaining it.

When I began my quest for platinum locks several months ago I did not know what I know now about how to keep it looking fantastic and I let it become brassy. When you’re trying to achieve bright-white blonde, brassy is exactly the opposite of what you want. Learn from my mistakes.

I give you my four favorite secrets to keeping you perfectly platinum weeks after you’ve left the salon.

First, don’t try this at home.

Most of the time, when people tell me to “let a professional do it” I chuckle, agree and then go make mischief on my own. I would NOT advise taking that track when a bottle of bleach and a tomato timer are your only weapons against the destruction of your unsuspecting mop.




Trust me – if you tell a stylist you want to go platinum they will be approximately three bazillion times happier to take you there than if you had come in for a color correction on a fried, tangerine rat’s nest.

Second, invest in a purple-pigmented shampoo or conditioner.

This is THE biggest secret to maintaining your chosen shade. Purple or blue-tinted products actually contain pigments (dyes) that counteract the yellow or orange that makes hair appear brassy.


My personal recommendation is Aveda’s Blue Malva shampoo and conditioner. Once a week, I work the conditioner through my hair for about 20 minutes (instructions say five but I wouldn’t mind if my bob got just a teeny bit lavender), rinse and voila, no more ugly yellow.

Freaking. Wizardry. Wait ‘til you try it.

Third, use a protein-infused hydrating mask.

A stylist friend informed me that if your hair is course or dark, it requires more protein to keep it soft and protect it from breakage. On a day that you haven’t used your purple-pigmented products, coat your hair in a rich, protein-infused masque to shield it from damage beyond what you’ve already exposed it to, of course.



Gotta go with another Aveda product on this one: Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment. (It’s got quinoa protein in it, for chrissakes! Does that impress anyone besides me?)

Fourth, use a heat-guard product before styling.

Even hair that is not chemically treated has a tendency to become brassy over time. Heat styling, sun exposure, and shampoos with sulfates can cause the pigment in light hair to turn into that ugly orange shade.


CHI makes a spray called 44 Iron Guard that I’ve been using pre-flat iron for years. FYI, I’m still on the same bottle. It’s a good investment.

Go platinum.

You don’t have to, but I absolutely love that I did. Platinum is unusual without flagging you for the boss’s shit list. Yes, it’s a pain to get the roots touched up every few weeks but you can always fly in the face of conformity and just let your roots grow. It’s edgier that way.

And admit it, you’ve always wanted to try.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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