What’s Sexy About Being Sweaty? Everything!

by Allen Gil April 15, 2015

What’s Sexy About Being Sweaty?  Everything!

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Ok, my opinion? Breaking a sweat is sexy! It just is. I am not talking about that guy on your street that waters his lawn on Saturday without a shirt on and looks to be 12 months pregnant. I am talking about the mid workout glisten that comes on while you are exercising, or when you are having really great sex and you both are all hot and sweaty and don’t care who sees or hears you. Sweaty, wet, glistening bodies are just hot!

On a very surface level, we can thank the media for this. If you find yourself cruising the net to get information about the latest workout trends or how to get in better shape, what type of images do you find? I bet you were greeted with a picture of a really in shape fitness model that looked like she just won a baby oil wrestling match or a super huge guy that is so wet you want to wipe off your screen.

I know the idea of getting all sweaty does not make you feel particularly sexy. If you are like me, you worry about your make-up running or your hair frizzing, or where exactly the sweat stains will show up. None of that sounds sexy at all! But let me just say right now, nothing could be further from the truth. Sweat is sexy and the process of getting all sweaty can be even sexier!

Conventional thinking says that men are not turned on by a sweaty woman. Phrases like “Never let them see you sweat” tend to send the wrong message about something that is just a natural part of life.  So, why is sweating so sexy?

A woman or a man that is not afraid to sweat in front of others, is at peace with the fact that sweating is just a part of being human.

What happens when you are outside in the middle of summer and it is over 100 degrees out?  That's right, your body starts trying to cool itself off by producing sweat all across the surfaces of your skin.  As the water evaporates, heat is removed from your body and you begin to feel cooler.  This is the same thing that happens when you are working out, sitting in the sauna or wearing way too much clothing.  Our bodies are pretty amazing machines that know when they need to keep cool and sweat is just a part of the process to make sure you don't overheat like a car in the desert.

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Sweating more means a healthier body.

Well let me clarify that a little bit.  Sweating more often because of exercise means a healthier body, not just because you are sitting in the sun. Getting your exercise on is always a good thing and the resulting soggy clothes should only be viewed of as trophies from the hard work you just put in. This means that you respect your body and want to keep it healthy on the inside and the outside. How can you not appreciate a person that takes care of and respects their body? That is not only an admirable quality, but a pretty attractive one as well.  One might even call it a "sexy" trait.

Keeping you body cool doesn't mean you can't be hot.  Change you mind about what sweat is and maybe you can also change how you feel about yourself and others when they are glistening from hard work instead of being grossed out.  Sweat is natural and sweat can be sexy! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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