Epic Bodybuilding Meal Prep

April 21, 2015

Epic Bodybuilding Meal Prep

Photo Credit: fitmencook.com

Spring has sprung and it seems everyone is looking to drop a couple of those extra pounds that sneaked on during the holidays.  While we all know that eating better is the key to fat loss, most of us just don't have the kitchen skills or meal prep know-how to make the progress we want.  Lucky for you, our friends over at FitMenCook.com have an incredible treasure trove of kick butt recipes  and kitchen tips that will help get you started down the path to a tighter body in no time.  

Take a peek at this video where Kevin shows you how to prep 5 different healthy meals so you can plan you whole week out in advance.


He sure does make it look easy, right?  Now that you have no more excuses about why you can't prepare your meals in advance, you might as well get on down to the local grocery store and start picking up your ingredients.  What are you waiting for?

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