Top 4 Things To Look For When Buying A Shaker Cup

by Allen Gil April 21, 2015

Top 4 Things To Look For When Buying A Shaker Cup

You would think that after working in the fitness industry for over 20 years that I would be known on a first name basis at the local supplement store.  Maybe even have my own frequent buyer’s plaque on the wall or something.  Nope, not me.  While I am a huge proponent of using supplements, I have for many years now just cherry picked the things I want to use off of the internet since I, like many of you out there, am fairly lazy and would rather not have to walk through a store when I can just have things delivered to my front door.

Yeah, I just threw myself under the bus for being lazy, so what?

So there I was on a regular old Wednesday afternoon having lunch with my beautiful wife.  We were discussing the merits of using a foam roller to help get rid of back pain for one of her clients while we ate some sushi (my single favorite thing to eat, in case anyone wants to buy me lunch).  After I finished stuffing myself with what seemed like 500 pieces of salmon and yellowtail nigiri sushi, we waddled out to our car and started driving back to the gym to prepare for our next personal training clients.  My wife pointed out that there was a Vitamin Shoppe in the shopping center and that she wanted to go grab a new shaker cup to use with her meal replacement shakes.  Apparently she had left her old shaker cup in the back of the car during the day and the hot Las Vegas sun had turned the cup into a hazmat zone.  She of course threw that nasty thing out and now needed a new shaker cup. We all know my wife is the boss, so we of course pulled into the parking lot and went to check out The Vitamin Shoppe.

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Now, if you follow me at all, you know I support the use of supplements, but I also am a HUGE skeptic and opponent of a lot of the outlandish claims that all of the fitness magazines out there plaster over 90% of their pages.  Some semi-naked fitness model is hosed down with water to look like they are sweating and then a series of photos of them doing some crazy exercise are used to market every one of the “Super-Ultra Pump, Mega-Pre-Workout” products you see.  While I understand the simple marketing ploys they are using, it still ticks me off that a lot of people are getting tricked into thinking there is magic in any of these bottles of flavored caffeine concoctions. I tend to be pretty cautious when it comes to buying my supplements and I usually steer clear of stores that sell them.

We walk into the store and are greeted by the general manager who I will call “Bob.”  Bob is an older gentleman who appears to be in his middle 50’s and has a killer handshake.  Damn near crushed my hand, so he definitely got my attention.  I was thankful that he asked us if he could point us in the right direction, because this place was huge and kind of intimidating at first.  Bob explained to us that all of the products were organized in the store by the categories they fit into like “Protein Powders” and “Meal Replacements,” so I asked him where their shaker cups were located.  Bob walked us over and showed us their selection of various sizes and colors of shaker cups and left us to browse.  My wife asked me which one I thought was the best one and I just shrugged.  Honestly I had never put much thought into a shaker cup and its qualities, so I did not have an answer for her.  This is rare for me and a shock to my wife, as she typically introduces me to other people as her, “Know-it-all husband.” (I'm beginning to think she might be using a little sarcasm when she does that.)

What was I to do?  I’m supposed to be my wife’s own personal information kiosk and here I was speechless when she asked me about a silly little cup. So, I did what most guys would rather cut their own arm off than do, I asked Bob for some help. Lucky us, Bob knows his stuff and after a quick run-down on what he thinks are the most important factors when choosing a shaker cup, we were able to select the one that best worked for my wife so she would not miss another post-workout shake.  (Hopefully she won’t leave this one to bake in the car.)  So what words of wisdom did Bob share with us about choosing a shaker cup?  Take a look:

  • Size– Make sure to get the right size bottle for what you’ll be using it for. My wife was going to be making her post-workout meal replacement shakes with her bottle, so we chose a 28oz bottle.  If you are going to only use yours for a pre-workout, maybe get a 12 or 16oz version.
  • Ergonomics – Finding a shaker cup that fits your hand comfortably, fits into the cup holder in your car, or has a special ID or key holder attachment could mean the difference between happiness and sadness on a daily basis. We went with a cup that has an easy tote handle attached to the cup that also allows my wife to clip her car keys on, so she does not lose them. Not that she would EVER do that.
  • Mixing – While it seems like a no-brainer, the basic use of a shaker cup is to, well, shake things up and mix them together. Various manufacturers have different types of implements to assist in the mixing process like a mesh screen inside the cup or in the case of the one we chose, a heavy plastic jack that bounces around inside the cup and mixes your powders and liquids really well.
  • Seal – If you haven't yet experienced an issue with a poorly designed cup that does not seal properly, well, you haven't lived my friend. Not many things are more entertaining than filling your cup with milk and cocoa flavored protein powder and then shaking it vigorously in the car only to have the seal leak and cocoa goodness goes squirting all over the inside of the car.  Have fun cleaning that up.  Anyway, make sure to find a shaker cup with a tight seal around both the outside of the lid as well as around the spout if it has one.  Nobody likes a “Cleanup on aisle six” call after a hard workout.

Mission accomplished with finding a new shaker cup for my wife and as we all know, a happy wife, means a happy life.  We browsed around the store for a little bit longer and after asking Bob a few questions, I decided I wanted to try out a couple different proteins to see about replacing the one I normally use.  Bob suggested I test drive them first and he went in the back room and pulled out a couple samples that he had so I could try them before I decided to invest in a giant jug.  This guy was earning some serious brownie points.  (Am I allowed to say "brownie" in a blog about a health food store?)

vitamin shoppe

We had to take off back to the gym so we weren't late for our next clients, but now I was armed with some new found knowledge as well as a good amount of respect for Bob, the Vitamin Shoppe and supplement/health stores in general (not to mention a bunch of free goodies Bob hooked me up with).  I will have to venture back in sometime soon and pick Bob’s brain a little more about what the best protein is, since my lazy butt can't seem to get up early enough to make a healthy breakfast.  It’s been a while since I’ve tried a new brand and if my first experience tells me anything, Bob just might be the guy to help me out so I don’t buy something that tastes like chalk and has me running for the toilet every 5 minutes.  This guy could be a real life saver.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Vitamin Shoppe.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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