Critical Features of a Fitness Tracker (Infographic)

April 22, 2015

Critical Features of a Fitness Tracker (Infographic)

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If you haven't gotten the memo by now, the wearable industry has exploded into a phenomenon that has us feeling like characters out of The Jetsons. With the future of fitness upon us, the assortment of different trackers and their features is overwhelming to say the least. Some wearables integrate with your smart phone to answer texts and calls, while others have built-in training programs, and then there are those whose sole function is to track your steps. Before busting out the Benjamins, be honest with yourself and think about how you are truly going to be using it. Not to worry, the GYFT team has taken it upon themselves to provide you with this infographic that answers every question you may have when purchasing these futuristic devices to help guide you through your fitness journey.

fitness tracker features infographic

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