Creating Your Perfect Body

by Allen Gil April 26, 2015

Creating Your Perfect Body

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Evolution; of which you are a part, seeks to change a simple entity into a more complex better adapted being with perfection as its blueprint. We are all blessed with life. We all have a genetic make-up unique to ourselves alone; it is our body, our mind, and our drive that inevitably makes us what we are. What power we have over our bodies is limited only by our effort with which we care for it. We are the prison, the jailer, the prisoner, and the key to our potential all at the same time. The ability to break out of that prison, to break out of your current body is within your control; and you can start now. Imagine reaching your full genetic potential; imagine perfection (however you might define it), and then strive to attain it.  


It is not an easy thing to devote yourself to perfection, but make no mistake; your evolution is happening. If you choose to not go to the gym or exercise purposefully, your body evolves toward the opposite of strength. If you choose to not eat healthy your body adapts to malnourishment. If you choose nothing to strive for, your body will achieve nothing. When you set yourself upon the path of perfection there must be not only the drive to accomplish, but the belief that you can attain that which you seek. 

Bad Habits

There are 365 days in a year with 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes an hour, and 60 seconds a minute. A decision to act positively or negative happens in milliseconds. Someone offers you a chocolate; yes or no. Do I go to the gym; yes or no? Do I want to strive for perfection; yes or no? The numbers that quantify our timescales are dwarfed in comparison to the accumulation of decisions that are made every day. EVERYthing you do impacts the person you are, and body that you have. Use time as your weapon and do not see it as the infinity it is, break it down into manageable chunks. For one second I will not eat unhealthy, for one minute, for one hour, for one day, week, month, and year.

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The addict on a path to recovery is one of the most arduous examples of self-discipline. Can you identify your own addiction? Is it to the food you love, but shouldn’t eat? Realize you have time to exercise, but choose to watch TV instead? Can you break the addictions you have to a sedentary lifestyle and move towards an active one? You can do it the same way all recovering addicts do; take it one day at a time.

Your body wants to do the same thing it did yesterday, it is built on the crux of cyclical habit building. Eat fast food every day, and your body will crave it. Go vegan, and after time you will crave vegetables and fruits. Exercise every day and your body will yearn to exercise. Don’t let bad habits become what your body desires. Be the maker of your perfect body by designing new good habits and expunging the bad ones from your routine.

The Journey

Your body is the machine you are stuck with using till the day you die, so take care of it. Even though you may not be blessed with the genetics of a fitness model you still can make an effort to treat your body the right way. It all ties in with loving yourself. You cannot say you love your car and then let the tires deflate, never get tune ups, change the oil, and for the most part never drive it. Yet people tend to do the same thing to their bodies; scarfing down junk food, lounging on the couch, and never attempting to Get Fit and show their body that they love and care about it. You may never reach your genetic potential, and perfect yourself. That is not the apical goal, it is really all about the journey you take towards perfection that will ultimately create a better more perfect version of you, and it will be well worth the effort. You will feel better; you will be more motivated, more disciplined, and definitely feel sexier than you have ever been in your whole life.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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