5 Secrets to Being a Better Fitness Instructor

by Allen Gil May 02, 2015

5 Secrets to Being a Better Fitness Instructor

How long would you wait in a line for your yoga class? The Wall Street Journal reported exactly how much of a “downward dog eat downward dog world” it is out there. Women wait in lines 50 people long almost 30 minutes before classes begin just to score a spot for their mat. Sure, everyone loves getting their zen on, but many women agree that the trainer is the real reason they fight for a place in that fitness class.

Not to pressure the fit and devoted trainers out there, but they have the power to make or break a fitness class. Seriously, nothing kills motivation like a trainer that just doesn’t get it. There’s a reason women are willing to wait in a line more than 50 people deep for their favorite instructor: these instructors motivate the hell out of them!

The Five Secrets to Be a Better Fitness Instructor

Trainers work hard, like really, really hard. I can’t imagine they want empty fitness classes, so here’s a little help from the girl in the back of the class. Follow these five secrets and you’ll be on the road to becoming the most popular fitness instructor on the block, even if your class is at 5 a.m.!

5. Music

Trainers know better than Meghan Trainor that it’s all about the bass. Finding a heavy bass to push attendees through tough moments is essential, but instructors shouldn’t be afraid to really switch up the music. Between regulars and the different generations in one classes, people might get bored of the same tunes over and over again.

Trainers, do everyone a favor and update your iPod!

4. Understand Fitness Levels

Trainers take tests to understand things like this, I get it, but do they really get it? For some fitness starters, showing up to that kickboxing class takes immense courage. Trainers should notice their progress and push them harder as needed. By the same token, that super fit guy in the front of the class may need some more difficult moves to get the most out of the workout.

Understand everyone can be at different fitness levels and adjust the class accordingly—it’ll keep everyone happy! 

3. Empower, Don’t Embarrass

Do not, under any circumstances, yell, scream or bully anyone in your class. It’s completely possible that some people like this type of motivation, I can’t imagine many that do, though. Until given the okay—if you ever are—just don’t do this.

Build your attendees up and empower them to believe they can do it. This will prove much better for results and attitudes!

2. Share Your Story

It’s a trainer’s job to give guidance, ask questions and help others in their fitness journey, but wouldn’t it be great if they shared their fitness goals, too? Training for an upcoming bike race or boxing match? Trainers should share this with their class.

Trainers can be intimidating and hearing some of their goals will help others realize they’re human like anyone else in that yoga class.

1. Have Fun

Attendees have the choice to run on the treadmill or follow a yoga video in their living room, but they choose to attend a class. Better yet, they pay to attend that class. Attendees look to trainers for guidance, motivation and to forget they’re working their asses off for an hour. Trainers should realize this and make sure they’re lining up for more next week!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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