Are Oversized Wine Glasses Contributing to Your Daily Hidden Calories? Yes.

by Allen Gil May 11, 2015

Are Oversized Wine Glasses Contributing to Your Daily Hidden Calories? Yes.

Who doesn’t love a big, beautiful glass of wine at the end of a long day? All things in moderation, right? So, don’t sweat those additional 130 calories if they are keeping you sane, I say.

Tiny problem, though: the recent trend in wine glass aesthetics favors bigger, rounder, fishbowl-margaritas-on-your-21st-birthday-sized stemware, which wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t filling them up to the same invisible line that we would use on a smaller glass.

But, of course, we are. Our cups runneth over, in fact.

Obesity and Overzealous Pouring

The UK’s Daily Telegraph recently published an article addressing this very issue. Professor Fiona Sim, chair of the Royal Society for Public Health, hopes doctors will take note of the links between larger glasses, overpouring and obesity, and release a warning to consumers.

In the Telegraph interview, Sim suggests that physicians ask patients about the liquid calories they may be consuming to get a better picture of their overall health during regular visits. Not a bad idea, but the point is, most people don’t realize just how much extra grapey goodness they are taking in thanks to a slightly larger booze receptacle.

I’m definitely guilty of the heavy-handed pour because one glass is one glass, right? If I can pour ¾ of the bottle into one glass, you’d better believe that counts as a single serving. While I mean this in jest, it’s no joke: denial is at the heart of our portion control problem in general.

The truth is, repeat overpouring offenders will sabotage their own weight loss efforts if they continue to turn a blind eye to the true amount of extra ounces they’re imbibing.

Oversized Wine Glasses? Get Familiar with Basic Wine Math

How many extra calories are we consuming when we fill our larger glasses? It depends on the wine and, yes, it depends on the pour.

On average, a glass of cabernet sauvignon—that’s five ounces of booze, by the way, not eight or nine—will cost you 160 calories. Did you accidentally down an entire bottle during a particularly hilarious episode of Broad City? Add 720 calories to your day. You may as well have eaten about four doughnuts.

More a fan of the white varietals? An average glass of chardonnay contains about 123 calories. If your single serving becomes a double, tack on 246 calories that won’t even satiate your appetite; sadly, it will only make you hungrier.

For more awesome[ly depressing] information about calories in wine, check out Wine Folly to stay educated on the caveats of pouring freely.

Combat Invisible Calories with Conscientious Pouring

It’s relatively simple: pour less vino or drink out of smaller glasses! I know, I think the goblet-sized vessels are prettier, too. Use what you like, just remember that the size of the glass can sometimes be proportionate to the hangover.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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