#FitLife: 10 Types of Fitness Posts You'll Find on Social Media

by Allen Gil May 12, 2015

#FitLife: 10 Types of Fitness Posts You'll Find on Social Media

If you didn't post your workout on Facebook, did it even happen?  Probably not—at least that’s how it seems these days. A typical workout includes a check-in on Facebook, a before and after spin class Snapchat, and a gym selfie on Instagram. Even if you’re shaking your head saying that’s not you, I bet your friends are totally guilty of these social media habits. See how many of these posts you find on your social media channels! Don't worry, of course the infamous shirtless mirror pic is included—you know who you are!

Top 10 #FitLife Posts in Your Social Feed

1. The Progress Post


Everyone deserves some recognition every now and then! Whether it’s one pound or 100, progress is progress. As a rule of thumb though, don’t post these photos every week.

2. The Classic Bro Selfie


Remember when every guy had a mirror picture on MySpace? Well, these guys never got the memo that it’s not cool anymore. You’ll find them taking a break mid-pump to flaunt their biceps at the perfect angle in the flawless lighting and ideal backdrop. Props to anyone that photobombs a dude taking this pic, he’s just asking for it.

3. The “You’re Doing it Wrong”


This is usually a quick Snapchat video of a gym newbie using equipment wrong. I know, taking a Snapchat of someone who sucks more than you is beyond entertaining. But after you mock them with your friends, throw these gym newbies a bone and show them the proper way to use the machine. At the very least it’s some good karma for you.

4. The Motivational Monday


Mondays are hard. Like really, really hard, so some extra motivation does us all some good. Especially when we’re not supposed to skip a Monday. Seriously, who made that rule?

5. The #Haters


These are the people that are usually sending passive aggressive tweets as they binge watch Orange is the New Black on their computer. Ignore these people—they don’t like how you’re making them feel bad about their sedentary lifestyle. FYI, The Wall Street Journal reported that one in four Americans live a sedentary lifestyle; i.e., 25% of Americans haven’t done a single physical activity—including stretching—in a year! Don’t be one of these people.

6. The “Lose 10 Pounds in 5 Minutes”


Be wary of these “instant fixes”. It may seem credible when fitness accounts post them, but nothing replaces sweat and hard work!

7. The #Foodies


These are the posts that will make your stomach grumble and beg for a kale chip—something you never thought you’d want!

8. The Fitness Class


This post will always have a pre-spin class picture to prove you’re there and then post-class pictures to prove you’re a sweaty badass. Good thing no one can see how much you were struggling on that mid-class hillclimb.

9. The Badass Shot


This category goes out to the CrossFitters. They know exactly what I’m talking about. These Insta posts showcase them doing something so physically fit that it will make their social network’s jaws collectively drop in awe. We get it, you guys rock.

10. The Victory Shot

Usually this picture is shown with you wrapped in that aluminum foil looking like a sweaty burrito—but an extremely happy and accomplished burrito.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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