The Six Healthiest Beers for a Memorial Day You’ll Never Remember

by Allen Gil May 25, 2015

The Six Healthiest Beers for a Memorial Day You’ll Never Remember

Memorial Day has always been the unofficial harbinger of summer. Across the nation, rising temperatures combined with the nation’s need to shake off the winter blues drive Americans outside to celebrate the annual holiday in honor of our fallen soldiers.

But, I bet I know what else you’re going to do in the next few days. America, are you going to get drunk this weekend?


Yes, yes. Of course we are going to get our drink on because the words “Memorial Day weekend” have become synonymous with “three-day hangover” for the working world.

Well, we say, if you’re going to indulge in a smorgasbord of carby beverages and flag-shaped snacks, do so wisely. Here you have GYFT’s picks for the top six low-calorie beers, and your best options for keeping your macros under control while you get star-spangle hammered this weekend:

1. Budweiser Select 55

55 cals - 1.8 carbs - 2.4% alcohol

2. Beck’s Premier Light

[336_mobile_middle] 63 cals - 3.8 carbs - 2.3% alcohol

3. Miller MGD 64

64 calories - 2.4 carbs - 2.8% alcohol

4. Michelob Ultra

95 calories - 2.6 carbs - 4.2% alcohol

5. Anheuser-Busch Light Pale Ale

95 calories - 3.2 carbs - 4.1% alcohol [336_mobile_bottom]

6. Amstel Light

5 carbs - 3.5% alcohol

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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