D's Naturals Adds Protein-Infused Nut Butter to Dairy-Free Product Line

by Allen Gil June 12, 2015

D's Naturals Adds Protein-Infused Nut Butter to Dairy-Free Product Line

Daniel Katz is a fiercely driven young entrepreneur. Over the past year, his company, D's Naturals, has gone from startup to rapidly-expanding brand poised to challenge even the most well-established names in the health food space.

Recently, Katz received word that his newest product, a protein-infused almond butter dubbed Fluffbutter, will be distributed nationally via 500 Vitamin Shoppe locations. Additionally, D's products are available online at Amazon.com and through wholesale distributor Europa Sports Products.

Fluffbutter joins the No Cow Bar as a vegan, dairy and gluten-free snack option created by D himself. The 18-year-old businessman is the heart, soul and mind behind his company, which is only his latest entrepreneurial endeavor.

Katz sold electronics on eBay at only 12 years old. At 16, he finished high school and enrolled at Indiana University, where he stayed for only three months before charging headlong into the health and fitness industry with D's Naturals. His goal? To offer products without added sugars or other "harmful" ingredients.

In an industry increasingly ruled by terms like "vegan", "gluten-free" and "natural," it's no wonder Katz is finding success with his products. The young man has a work ethic rivaled only by some of the most successful CEOs the world has ever seen—rising for a daily workout at 2:30 a.m. only to put in another 12 or so hours of work on product development, marketing and more—and his age belies the wisdom that appears to have shaped his life philosophy. Katz cites following his truest passion as the source of his entrepreneurial energy.

As Katz builds his brand, it's impossible not to marvel at all he has accomplished with D's Naturals in such a short time. In conversation, he is grounded and humble, but ambitious beyond his years. Truly impressive qualities in a CEO at any age.

So what can we expect from Daniel Katz in the near future? Hopefully, delicious nut butters and more flavors of the No Cow Bar. Beyond that, only Katz knows.

One thing I'm sure of is that this dedicated health enthusiast will continue to make D's Naturals a brand synonymous with integrity and quality; two traits consumers need desperately in today's health food market.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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