Patriotic Red Velvet Protein Waffles

June 27, 2015

Patriotic Red Velvet Protein Waffles

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Ready to kick off Fourth of July weekend with a killer, healthy breakfast? Check out these protein waffles from Fit Men Cook! Full of filling protein and carbs, topped with delicious berries and small enough to munch on a few at a time. Enjoy!

You can kick off the July 4th holiday, celebrated here in the United States, or any holiday with this simple 20 minute recipe using simple ingredients you likely have in your house or can purchase at nearly any grocery store.

To make the red color, I used cooked beets so that the pancakes could be colored naturally, using real ingredients and not chemicals. While raw beets have a subtle sweet flavor, some people do not like the taste. So, I routinely use Labrada Nutrition Lean Pro 8 protein, vanilla ice cream flavor. It has a rich, creamy vanilla flavor that is perfect for baking so that you do not have to add sweeteners or sugars.

You will either need a mini-waffle and pancake skillet like this one, or you can just simply use your waffle iron.

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