The One Piece of Exercise Equipment to Rule Them All [VIDEO]

by Allen Gil July 10, 2015

The One Piece of Exercise Equipment to Rule Them All [VIDEO]

The fitness industry has shown some very interesting trends over the years that are sometimes hard to explain. The Thighmaster, Shake Weight and whatever that crazy thing was that shakes your booty back and forth like a 6.7 on the Richter scale are great examples of eyebrow raising trends that most of us hoped would go away sooner rather than later.

While one would expect the evolution of exercise equipment to go from simple and archaic to complex and technology-heavy, sometimes the opposite has been the case. Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible new technologies out there that allow gymgoers to track every step they take, every beat of their heart and each calorie that falls into their mouths. There are machines that can adjust how much weight you are lifting in the middle of a repetition and scales that tell you how much water is circulating through the cells of your body. All of these amazing technologies are super exciting for fitness enthusiasts, but what I find really interesting is the very popular trend seen with many types of exercise equipment that almost appears like a de-evolution.

Take, for instance, the popularity of CrossFit. The very heart and soul of a CrossFit workout revolves around the simplistic barbell. Nothing fancy, no electronics or complex pulley systems here. Just good old fashioned hunks of steel and a bar. It seems like the people using this tried-and-true piece of exercise equipment (CrossFitters, olympic lifters, powerlifters, etc.) are getting pretty dang good results, so maybe we shouldn’t judge the value of a piece of exercise equipment based solely on its newness or complexity.

Kettlebells: What’s Old is New

Another great example of this is the 400-year-old kettlebell. Recently, that inconspicuous “cannonball with a handle on it” has become a superstar of the “what’s old is new” movement.  Celebrities are using them to get in shape for the big screen, elite mixed martial artists swear by them for getting into “fight shape” and every day more and more gyms across the country are investing in kettlebells due to members’ demands.

Yes, this simple little blob of iron, when used properly, can yield some high-tech results, and that is why more and more people are clamoring to acquire kettlebells for their home, gym and bootcamp workouts. So, with all of the popularity and value associated with the kettlebell, does this mean you need to make some more space in your home gym to store a new collection of toys?  Well, maybe not.

I, for one, prefer to get multiple uses out of each and every piece of exercise equipment that I own or use at a gym.  For example, I use battle ropes in the standard way when I am working on my conditioning, but I also will hang them over the top of a pull-up bar so I can pull myself up the rope from a seated position.

See that bench over there?  I’ll use it for incline dumbbell presses and then repurpose it by doing decline push-ups with my feet on top of the bench. For people who workout at home, personal trainers who travel to their clients’ homes, and even commercial gym owners, finding ways to repurpose existing equipment saves money, space and is just plain smart.

This is the very reason the Kettleclamp stopped me in my tracks when I was looking for a space and money-saving solution for my personal training business.

A Smarter Business Decision

I already had a whole slew of dumbbells and I wanted to do more kettlebell training with my clients, but I didn’t want to have to spend the money to buy a wide variety of kettlebell weights, nor did I have the space to store even more equipment. A simple Google search pointed me in the right direction.

The Kettleclamp effectively transforms any dumbbell into a kettlebell. That means with only one small tool, you can repurpose ALL of the dumbbells that are already available to you at home or in the gym. The setup is quick, the uses are all the same as a regular kettlebell and there is no extra space needed for storage. It’s pretty obvious why getting a Kettleclamp is a smarter business decision than buying an array of kettlebells and dragging them around with you. Save some money (and effort!) and use the dumbbells you already have.

Just like with exercise, sometimes the best results come with a “less is more” mentality.

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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