4 Ways Flexible Gym Memberships Are the Next Best Thing for Fitness

by Allen Gil July 20, 2015

4 Ways Flexible Gym Memberships Are the Next Best Thing for Fitness

Flywheel, Orange Theory Fitness, The Bar Method; these are just some of the hottest fitness classes available to consumers today. We flock to them like cult followers and just can’t seem to get enough. But what happens the day we get a little bored? Or when the bigger, better studio comes along, or God forbid, our favorite instructor leaves? We are stuck there in a contract paying for unlimited access to one studio when really we want to go join our friends (or the cute instructor) at a different studio.

The answer might be flexible gym memberships.

What Apple did with music purchasing, and Netflix did for TV consumption, we are finally seeing in the fitness industry. The idea of having one membership for each location, which has its own terms, and its own sign-in, seems somewhat antiquated. Thanks to services that allow memberships to multiple gyms and fitness facilities, people can have one pass to help give them flexibility; imagine that, a modern business model for modern consumers. While the model is taking hold across the country, here are the top reasons you should think about joining the trend.

Why You Should Consider Flexible Gym Memberships

1. Friends

The way I got my flexible membership was with my friends. At the time some of memberships were together, some of us had them to other places, and we all just wanted to be able to do the same workouts without a huge hassle. From the second we all got flexible memberships our time together and engagement increased. We are constantly talking about which studios we want to go back to, when we are going to try a new one, and no one gets left out. It seems like before this, the only time we all got to see each other was if we went out to the bars. Now our schedules are more in sync than ever, and we get to have fun in a variety of settings from hot sweaty boot camps to pilates classes. It really took fitness from an individual activity to being the medium in which the group was able to interact in our busy, fast-paced lives.

2. Future

Sure, at the time I was getting my flexible membership I still had a membership to my favorite studio and I loved it there. Then I got to thinking about the way things were in the past when I wanted to leave my gym. They made it a hassle to end my contract, tons of nonsense on the way out, then I had to go through the same thing when I went to my new studio. The flexible nature of this new model of membership allows you to hop from one studio to the next without ever having to deal with awkward friction or sales pitches. It is just about the fitness. So even if you are happy with your studio at the present, think about the day when you want to leave; this is when most people just drop out of the fitness market than rather deal with all of that. Even worse, this is when people continue to pay for their membership and just stop using it—what a waste!

3. Financial

This is a no-brainer. You can pay $100 for one studio or for tons of studios. However, the tricky part here is the restrictions each membership has. Traditional memberships will get you unlimited to your own place, no stress of worrying about classes, but stuck with one place and a contract. Certain flexible membership businesses give you unlimited classes in a month but restricts your visits to one location to a few visits; while others don’t give you unlimited classes, but you can use all your classes wherever, however many times you wish. So it is really about finding the model that suits you and your desires. Either way, unless you are doing five classes a week at the same place and can’t deal with parting from that, probably opt for the flexible pass to save yourself the money and the frustration.

4. Fun

Having freedom in your workouts makes them so much more enjoyable. Before my flexible pass, there would be days I felt like I had to go to my studio. It was an obligation. Now, my friends and I figure out what we are in the mood to do and do it! The empowerment of trying new things, doing what we want, and personalizing everything is so much fun. Many of us fail at being physically active because we lose motivation, we get bored, our support system moves on to other places, etc. These are the things that make it fun to be active: our friends and our passion for the activity. Being able to constantly adapt the activity based on your passion will keep it lit. Hint, definitely way more fun if you get your friends involved because having freedom is an experience and who doesn’t want to share that. In the time we live in, everything is customized. It is how we have learned to consume our favorite services. Finally, now that fitness has jumped on this train, let’s all get on and ride!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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