7 Ways to Use a Lacrosse Ball for Pain Relief

by Allen Gil July 30, 2015

7 Ways to Use a Lacrosse Ball for Pain Relief

What if I told you that the secret to alleviating neck, shoulder and lower back pain was a rubber ball the size of your fist?

And if I mentioned that this same uncomplicated tool could also help soothe your aching feet and reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome… Do I have your attention now?

If you’re constantly seeking pain relief for any of these issues (and more) then I’m about to blow your friggin’ mind.

Please grab a lacrosse ball and come with me. Where we’re going, we don’t need Aleve.

That’s right. If you learn to master the art of using a simple, rubber lacrosse ball at the exact points from which your pain radiates, then you are on your way to a life without constantly popping NSAIDs. Simply apply pressure to the correct area via lacrosse ball and eliminate the persistent pain. [336_mobile_top]

Check out seven ways you can use a lacrosse ball for temporary and long-term pain relief!

1. Relieve Shoulder Pain

Place the ball on the back of your shoulder and hold in place while you gently lean against a wall, allowing the weight of your body to increase the pressure. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat throughout the day. You can also perform this exercise on the floor, lying on the ball.

2. Alleviate Tight, Painful Hips

Lie on the floor facing upward with legs bent at 90 degrees. Place the lacrosse ball directly under the affected hip and gently lower yourself down onto it, slowly massaging the area as you relax deeper and deeper onto the ball. Hold for several seconds and shift your weight to massage the hip joint. Repeat on the other side.

3. Loosen Overtightened Rhomboids

Lie down on the floor, facing upward. Position the lacrosse ball between your spine and shoulder blade, targeting the rhomboid muscle. Hold in place for approximately 30 seconds. If you need to increase the intensity, raise and lower the arm on the same side slowly, from your side to above your head. You may need to reposition the ball a few times as you move.

4. Ease Pained Glutes

Leaning against a wall, place the lacrosse ball directly on your glutes, targeting the center of the muscle. Gently lean into the ball and roll it in a small circular motion to alleviate tight glutes. Repeat as necessary on the other side.

5. Reverse Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

This one can be done while you’re working! Place the lacrosse on the table in front of you and roll your arm across the ball, from your wrist to your elbow. Roll slowly and repeat on the other arm. You can also use one hand to roll the ball from the wrist to the elbow, applying steady pressure.

6. Soothe Tired Calves

Sitting on the floor, place the lacrosse ball under your lower leg. Starting at the bottom of the calf and moving upward, gently glide over the ball and hold 5-10 seconds when you feel like you’ve hit an area of particular tension. Roll the inside and outside of the calf and repeat on the opposite leg.

7. Massage Overworked Feet

At the end of a long day, our feet are tired, sometimes cramping and always begging for attention. Place the lacrosse ball under one foot and apply gentle pressure, while standing or sitting. Massage in small circles slowly, taking approximately 30 seconds on each foot. Roll it up the inside of the arch and across the heel and ball of your foot. Switch sides and repeat.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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