The Secret to a Perfectly Peeled Banana, Every Time

by Allen Gil August 03, 2015

The Secret to a Perfectly Peeled Banana, Every Time

If you are up on your nutritional game then you have likely discovered the all-encompassing awesomeness of bananas. If you haven’t, check out these tips to teach you the correct way to peel a banana and other facts to help you realize just how valuable bananas can be to your diet.

1. There is a Right and Wrong Way to Peel Them

That’s right, there is a very high chance that you’ve been peeling bananas incorrectly your whole life. But that’s okay, because starting today you can peel them correctly. Most people instinctively hold the banana at the bottom and peel with the stem, but this causes your hand to exert force on the banana. This can not only bruise the banana but it causes the phloem (read: FLOM, the stringy things on the banana) to stick to the fruit. The correct way, demonstrated below, is to remove the bottom and hold the banana by the stem as you peel towards the stem. The monkeys, notorious banana-consumers, do it this way.

how peel a banana the right way

2. Bananas As a Superfood

Bananas, often referenced for their power-punch of potassium are also a great source of dietary fiber, magnesium and folate. Because of their sodium, cholesterol and fat-free structure they are an excellent snack for those looking to get their heart health and blood-glucose levels in line. Bananas have been cited as an excellent food to incorporate into your diet to reduce to risk of heart disease, cancer, asthma, and diabetes. Way to go, bananas!

3. They Are Protected by Mother Nature

As more consumers are looking to swap their daily diet staples for an organic alternative they often see their grocery bill increase. Because bananas have a thick skin there is now a recommendation that bananas don’t have to be purchased with an “organic” label. However, any chemicals on the outside of the peel can transfer to your hands so a good rinse prior to peeling may still be suggested. If you do go with the organic bananas then don’t throw those peels away too quickly. You can actually eat them and get an extra dose of vitamins.

4. The Cavendish

The form of banana sold in America is the Cavendish. The banana, while having to be imported a farther distance than local produce, has been the least expensive fruit option for consumers. However, a lack of genetic diversity also means that that our favorite form of banana could be in trouble. Save the bananas!

5. Ain’t It Sweet

If you have been on the internet at all in the past year you’ve likely seen many pins and posts about how bananas can be used in just about everything. They are quickly becoming a favorite alternative to traditional sweeteners when they are pureed. Several delicious recipes include: Muffins, “Nice”-creams, and smoothies. Orange you glad that you took a few minutes to learn all about bananas?

Allen Gil
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