Why Random Acts of Kindness Give You the Feels

by Allen Gil August 24, 2015

Why Random Acts of Kindness Give You the Feels

Random acts of kindness actually make us happier people. It’s true; science says so.

Kind acts both big—like giving away luxury cars—and small—like throwing a homeless man a buck—can boost your happiness. Better yet, it's actually good for your health!

Science is finding that selfless acts of kindness are improving our health to similar effects of exercise and healthy eating.

People who perform selfless acts actually have lower rates of depression and stress. This means if you're having a tough day, the key to making it better might be to brighten someone else's day.

Still not convinced you should go out of your way to be nice? Expressing acts of kindness toward others reduces anxiety and improves self-image. Yes, treating a stranger to a Starbucks mochachino will actually boost your confidence!

Get the Feels with Random Acts of Kindness

If you want in on these feels, just do something for someone that doesn't benefit yourself. The selfless act is what flutters your brain with happy waves.

Although, many believe humans aren't capable of a selfless act. This means that the awesome feeling you get is actually just self-serving.

You know these people. They do something good then post a Facebook paragraph to tell the world what a selfless person they are. These may not be the most altruistic motives, but at the end of the day, it still gives that happy boost.

Self-serving or not, it's nice to be nice, so boost your happiness and health with random acts of kindness!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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