How to Make the Perfect Super Green Smoothie

by Allen Gil August 28, 2015

How to Make the Perfect Super Green Smoothie

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Now that we are adults, we don’t cringe at the sight of green foods like we used to when we were kids—or at least most of us don’t. As you continue your journey to achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle, you will likely notice along the way what has been missing from your regular routine: vegetables.

Fruits usually get all the glamour and popularity because they are sweet and colorful, but vegetables are just as important and powerful; you need both in your diet.

If you are still struggling to find ways to incorporate vegetables into your diet a super green smoothie is one way to go about doing that.

What is a Super Green Smoothie?

A super green smoothie encompasses a lot of different types of blended drinks. Typically, they combine both fruits AND vegetables and helps you get all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs. In addition, a truly “green” smoothie would use a powder, like The Garden of Life Perfect Super Green Formula, to boost nutrients in the drink. This particular powder is high in potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C, and is in high demand among consumers.

Getting Started with Your Super Green Smoothie

For those who are still getting used to protein shakes that include powders flavored to match your favorite desserts, (triple chocolate, cookie dough, cinnamon roll, etc.,) the jump to a green smoothie may seem like a big change when it comes to flavor.

If you want a more subtle transition from sweet to savory, consider using a banana or avocado base for your smoothie. Both fruits are very sweet and will provide a creamy texture to your smoothie. Having this as a transition will help you to retain the same sweet flavor while getting in your veggies.

A Fresh Twist on an Old(er) Recipe

I happen to have a big sweet tooth, so I like to be able to have a smoothie that is healthy, loaded with nutrients, but can pass for a dessert. When I made my first foray into super green smoothies, I had only ever had one green drink before: a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. So, I set out to find a recipe that would mimic the St. Patrick Day favorite’s taste but provide many more nutrients.

I was able to find one such recipe that incorporated kale, avocado, and mint.

If you’re focused on summer-specific recipes, you can try this pineapple and blueberry recipe that incorporates broccoli.

Now that you know that super green smoothies can taste great, there should be nothing stopping you from loading up on your fruits and veggies in liquid form!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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