Timex Reveals Your Inner Ironman with the Most Innovative Sports Watch for Runners

by Allen Gil September 17, 2015

Timex Reveals Your Inner Ironman with the Most Innovative Sports Watch for Runners

When you set out on a run before the dawn breaks, it's not because you love technology; if you run at high noon, there are at least a dozen people awaiting your return to the office. Whether you brave rain, snow, or obstacles the size of Amazonian insects to get your mileage in, you do it because you're dedicated, not because you've got a new exercise tracker you can't wait to use.

You are a runner. Exceptionally patient and addicted to the high that can only come from pushing your limits. You've got goals—like improving your splits or fueling properly during your taper week—and if achieving them requires gear, you'll indulge in it. You don't run with an Apple watch, but you know your weekly distances to the tenth of a mile.

I've been a runner for about nine years. Training for any endurance sport requires dedication to your hobby, and very often it becomes all-consuming, as I've learned firsthand. It becomes your biggest source of pride and pain, both physical and mental. There is a lot of reward in the challenge you accept every day on the road, but there are great annoyances that come with it, too. One of those frustrations is spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on gear that doesn't get the job done.

I can't tell you how many knee braces, ankle wraps, pedometers, and sunglasses I've been through since I picked up distance yogging, but it's equated to a ton of cash. On top of that, the cost of routinely replacing shoes, sports bras and tubes of BodyGlide becomes something you wince at, not relish.

When life starts getting crazy and finicking with a faulty FitBit becomes too much,Timex's Ironman OneGPS+ watch might be just what you need.

Running with this Timex Ironman sports watch improves a lot about your workout: It's screen is easily visible in direct sunlight and darkness thanks to its Mirasol touchscreen display; you can live track your runs; it stores your music and plays it for you; and you can message friends without having to carry your phone.

Yes, this is real life. No more stowing your cell in the most accessible crevice of your body!

If you experience one of the following scenarios on a regular basis, I'm recommending the Timex Ironman OneGPS+ for you:

You can't leave the house for 30 minutes or everyone's world will fall apart;
Sure, you've got time for some hill sprints but you'd better be available to respond to the boss's text; or
You just need to know whether cocktails are on at 7 or 8 tonight.

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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