Should You Try the Pure Barre Method?

by Allen Gil September 24, 2015

Should You Try the Pure Barre Method?

The Pure Barre Method, it’s something that we all have heard about. But, what exactly is Pure Barre? It’s a 55-minute total body class that uses a ballet barre to perform small isometric movements to work the glutes, thighs, arms, and abs; it also claims to burn fat.

What does it do for your body?

The company claims that taking Pure Barre classes can help you burn calories and gain muscle. The movements are designed to be low impact and isometric, meaning your muscle is contracting on its own and not against the weight of another object. Pure Barre classes vary exercise intensity throughout class, so your heart rate will go up and down depending on how hard you work.

Who should try this class?

Anybody. Both men and women are welcome to take the class. “You will usually find a majority of women” says, but “a lot of men who attend regular classes and see great results.” Plus, you DO NOT have to be teeny tiny to do take a barre class. The class is a low-impact workout and can be done by people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Celebrity fitness guru, Jennifer Aniston, is a pure barre enthusiast along with Zooey Deschanel, Madonna and Natalie Portman.

While all of this sounds like a dream, there is just one thing most people tend to miss. Pure Barre promotes “lifting and toning” muscle, however, “toning” is just another word for creating muscular definition. If most women strive for a ballet body they will have to watch their diet carefully in addition to performing pure barre exercises. has nutrition tips for active individuals that can be followed:

Plan to eat healthy.

Planning prevents unhealthy behaviors. Cook meals in advance, and pack healthy snacks to make eating healthy convenient.

Don’t justify unhealthy choices with exercise.

After sweating through 55 minutes of Pure Barre, you may think it gives you a pass to indulge.  Certain “cheat meals” are worth it on occasion, but regularly making unhealthy choices and telling yourself you’ll burn off the calories later is a bad approach. Eat well to perform well, I always say!

Don’t overdo it with protein.

Of course, protein is important, especially for active men and women, but it’s easy to get enough without processed powders or monster portions of meat. Try, instead, to add a smaller portion of high-quality protein to every meal, without loading up your plate. This could be a handful of nuts, an egg, beans or a few ounces of organic meat or poultry.

Refuel after a workout.

After a hard workout, it’s important to replenish your body with a meal or snack consisting of an unprocessed carbohydrate and source of protein to replace energy stores and build muscle. My personal favorite is an apple with almond butter. [336_mobile_bottom]

Make peace with carbs.

We all know that carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of fuel for exercise. But remember, if your carb load is too low it may impact your energy and performance during your workout. It’s always optimal to choose less processed sources of carbohydrates, like fresh fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grains, even quinoa and brown rice.

So, should you try the pure barre method? Go for it! If this is a workout that you’ve never done before, it might be good to change things up. It is always good to trick the body and keep the muscles guessing. Plus, it may help you clean up your diet if it something you might want to commit to. Let’s be brave and barre!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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