8 Travel Hacks for Better Airport Eating

by Chris Miquel September 28, 2015

8 Travel Hacks for Better Airport Eating

Whether you are traveling for work or for fun, the airport is the least anticipated part of any trip. Not only are there lots of lines to stand in, but it is so easy to ruin months of hard work and dieting within a few minutes in the terminal food court. Check out these travel hacks for eating better at the airport!

1. Plan Your Travel Around Your Stomach

If you can, plan to travel so that you can eat before you go to the airport and again after you land. Aiming for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon flight can get you in the airport after meal time and,  hopefully, landing before the next meal. This will be affected by the length of your flight, but quick business trips can usually accommodate this schedule.

2. Have a Plan Before You Arrive

You have planned every detail of your trip including hotel, car rental and activities. Why not plan for your meals as well? If you know that your local airport has limited options, or that you have a weak spot for airport food, set clear expectations for yourself. When you “wing-it” you open yourself up to eating poorly.

3. Stay Hydrated for Free

Bring an empty water bottle with you. You can refill it for free once you are through security. This way you will have enough water to stay hydrated without spending a lot of money. Some of those big water bottles at airports can get pricey. Staying hydrated with this low-cost method has been a staple for the Winning Williams.

4. Bring Your Lunch

TSA allows you to bring a sandwich that is wrapped. This means you can plan for a protein packed sandwich and alleviate any urge to blow your daily calories on a fast food meal. Check their list before your trip to make sure you are in compliance with your tasty treats!

5. Bring Your Snack

The TSA allows you to bring packaged snacks and fruits. Keep in mind that you cannot bring any fruits or vegetables from outside the United States into the country. Grab a banana for a simple, portable and tasty snack.

6. Healthier Options

When these previous items fall through you can purchase items that are healthier for you. If you are stuck ordering from a fast-food chain, opt for oatmeal or a salad (dressing on the side). For snacks, look for granola bars that aren’t overloaded with preservatives. They do exist and you can find them at most airports with a little bit of looking.


7. Don’t Turn to Food for Comfort

If you are afraid to fly, don’t seek comfort in sugary drinks and candy. Read a book, listen to music or strike up a conversation with another passenger to ease your worries. Practice visualizing a good experience from arriving at the airport, going through security, taking off and landing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the entire experience and be less likely to stress-eat.

8. Know Your Options During an Unexpected Delay

When you plan but an unexpected delay leaves you stranded at the airport, be sure to survey all the food options in your terminal, not just what is right next to your gate. If your flight has been delayed you may realize that the few small snacks that you packed won’t be enough for a full meal. Be sure to sign up for updates from the airline so that you can get updates as you enjoy healthier meals and snacks elsewhere in the terminal. Being prepared, flexible, and determined to find a healthy option will often result in your favor.

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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