One KettleClamp, 10 Ways to Build Your Body

by Allen Gil October 12, 2015

One KettleClamp, 10 Ways to Build Your Body

Kettlebell workouts have long been touted as excellent muscle-building and fat burning routines: they are easy to scale if you’re a beginner, but they can be devastatingly difficult for the advanced lifter. Kettlebell workouts are highly variable, which means you can get a gut-busting workout with a single piece of equipment and change up the type of workout you do all the time. You don’t always have access to kettlebells to get that awesome workout, but a new piece of equipment called the KettleClamp is about to change that.

Check out 10 ways to mix up your kettlebell routine by using the KettleClamp with a few of the most common pieces of equipment you can find at any gym.

1. Russian Swings


Attach the KettleClamp to a dumbbell of your choice. Perform a kettlebell swing as usual, keeping your core tight and driving your heels into the ground as you perform the swing. Remember, this is all about glute activation and exploding as you power your hips forward.

2. KettleClamp Pull-Ups


Find a stable bar and create the perfect pull-up station by clasping the KettleClamp onto it. This requires two KettleClamps… unless you’re ready to single-arm them.

3. Cleans


Yet another explosive movement that can help build size and strength, the KettleClamp clean requires just a dumbbell and your clamp. Affix the KettleClamp to the dumbbell and remember that the dumbbell should come to rest on your shoulder when you’re done with the movement.

4. Turkish Get-Ups


The Turkish get-up challenges your balance, your core strength and sometimes your patience. If you’ve never tried one of these bad boys, get ready to learn a complex and deliberate movement that’s been around for centuries. With your KettleClamp, you can easily progress from 15 to 20, 25 or 35 pound dumbbells as you get stronger and more confident with the Turkish get-up.

5. Suitcase Swings


This movement can be tricky, as it requires considerable weight shifting from one arm to the other. Remember to keep your core tight and stabilize by planting your feet firmly and driving your heels into the ground. Start with lighter dumbbells than you expect—these swings pack a wallop.

6. Deficit Push-Ups

It’s the perfect push-up with a KettleClamp… and the perfect way to challenge your pecs, abs and upper back. Perform the push-up as you normally would, except on top of the KettleClamp-topped dumbbells. Sweat, repeat.

7. Goblet Squats

A great way to add weight to an otherwise bodyweight exercise, the goblet squat can be your go-to lower body exercise with the KettleClamp. Pick a heavy dumbbell and poof, you’ve got a handle that allows you to hold that dumbbell the right way for a goblet squat.

8. Single-Arm Press

Once you’ve mastered the previous movements, you’ll be ready to tackle the single-arm press. Adding the KettleClamp to a dumbbell gives you more stability by distributing the weight evenly around your grip. Always brace yourself by drawing your bellybutton in toward your spin and baring down. Perform presses as usual and repeat on the other side.

9. Bent-Over Rows


Another awesome core strengthener, the bent-over row requires you to focus on keeping your abs tight to maintain the position you’ll have to assume for this movement. Want a challenge? Forget the bench and do these one arm at a time.

10. KettleClamp Snatch

The snatch is another explosive and powerful lift that can be done with kettlebells or the KettleClamp and a dumbbell. It’s a technical lift that requires confidence and an appropriately heavy weight to accomplish. Remember to pull your elbow high and brace yourself for catching the dumbbell at the top of the lift. Perform one arm at a time or alternate left and right.

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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