Butter in Your Coffee is Dumb AF and You Know It

by Chris Miquel October 28, 2015

Butter in Your Coffee is Dumb AF and You Know It

Myth: Drinking Bulletproof coffee will help you lose weight, gain muscle mass and feel amazing!
Reality: Butter in your coffee will not induce weight loss or muscle gain on its own; the science behind this claim has been cherry-picked.

You shouldn’t believe everything you read, especially in the fitness and health industry. Of course, when you read an article titled, “Butter in Your Coffee will Help you Build Muscle and Lose Fat,” and science agrees (or so it seems), then it’s totally true! Think again.

If you actually thought butter in your coffee was a good idea, you have to ask yourself why you think so. Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between healthy trends and empty claims. However, in this case, the notion that adding butter to your coffee will help you achieve weight loss is completely false: There is no scientific evidence to show Bulletproof coffee has any positive influence on muscle gain or weight loss

What’s Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is hot coffee, two tablespoons of butter and MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) blended together and consumed as breakfast. The claim of this coffee is that it will pump up your metabolism increasing weight loss and muscle gain. And yes, you read that right, the logic is that consuming more fat and, thus, additional calories, will translate into an energy deficit, leading to fat loss.

Of course, this makes as much sense as telling someone to eat more if they want to lose weight (another popular fitness myth.)

The obvious questions here is how does Dave Asprey, the “Bulletproof Executive,” gain so many loyal followers for a ridiculous health trend? I only have 300 Twitter followers and don’t make baseless weight loss claims, but Asprey tells everyone butter in your coffee is the key to burning fat and everyone’s on board? Something doesn’t add up.


Skipping the Real Science in Favor of a Marketing Gimmick

Asprey may know little about health and fitness, but he does know a thing or two about marketing. When he began to build his “Bulletproof” brand, he knew people are would be more willing to believe a claim that links to scientific research, but few ever actually read the studies. Asprey linked his “scientific findings” to articles that just had the words butter, coffee, muscle, or fat and people bought into it—literally. We know this because the employee who helped him build the brand—Armi Legge, founder of EvidenceMag—has come forward with the truth behind its “bulletproof” inception.

Asprey created the illusion that this laughable health “hack” was working and made money off of it. While some people may have achieved weight loss or muscle gain while drinking Bulletproof coffee, they are more likely to be experiencing success despite consuming this fatty beverage, and not because of it. Chances are, they are cutting calories elsewhere and creating the caloric deficit they need to shed fat and weight training appropriately for their goals; science shows the secret is not in the Bulletproof coffee. 

So, that’s why we say don’t waste your time, money or, in some instances, your health by falling victim to this bogus fad. Learn to spot fake scientific claims from a mile away with a little extra research—you’ll thank yourself later.

Tips on How to Spot Fake Scientific Research:

  • Wikipedia, WebMD, etc. are not generally reliable sources. Anyone can edit Wikipedia and WebMD will always say you have cancer.
  • If it seems too good to be true or just plain skeptical, do a little more research. Trust your gut on this.
  • Click through to the article. If the title has nothing to do with the claim that might not be an accurate source.
  • “Everybody’s doing it” or “it’s the latest trend” is never an acceptable reason to buy in. Be a trailblazer and do some research before you jump on the bandwagon.
Also, debunking the validity of Asprey’s Bulletproof coffee claims doesn’t mean we’re not fans of fat—after all, fats are the building blocks of muscle! Just don’t expect to induce weight loss or see mind-blowing gains because of your buttery breakfast brew.

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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