Eating for Athletic Performance: A Smarter Fueling Guide

by Chris Miquel December 15, 2015

Eating for Athletic Performance: A Smarter Fueling Guide


  • Having a basic understanding of calories, macronutrients, and whole foods is key to achieving the athletic transformation you desire.
  • Meal and calorie spacing is uniquely determined by your individual activity level.
  • Despite what some dietary plans might have you think, simply speaking, caloric intake will determine whether you gain or lose weight.
  • Consumption of carbs, proteins, and fats should be planned strategically to benefit energy intake and output.
  • Whey protein, creatine, fish oils, and greens supplements and fibers are all time-tested supplements that work well for most athletes.

In this age of internet information overload and diet fads, it can be difficult to know what’s right and wrong for your body when it comes to fueling yourself properly for training and performance. A lack of understanding proper nutritional needs can prevent any athlete or aspiring athlete from getting the performance results that they want. The secret lies in knowing that your nutritional needs are unique to your body and intensity of training. Check out this simple list of seven guidelines to adjust your diet to meet your nutritional needs and the demands of your training.

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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