5 Rules of the Clean Bulk Cycle

by Chris Miquel December 25, 2015

5 Rules of the Clean Bulk Cycle


  • You need a specific goal to get results, period. You can’t lose fat while gaining muscle, so choose one goal and pursue that.
  • The only way to achieve your goals is to track your progress. Having a baseline measurement for weight, size in inches or more are some great places to start.

If you're currently on a bulking program or are interested in getting started on one then here is what you need to know. This article strongly highlights what you can do to replace fat with muscle gain the mass you want:

  1. Set a goal; are you bulking or cutting? You can’t lose fat while gaining muscle, so choose one and focus on that; if you want to bulk, then set your goals to achieve more muscle mass.
  2. The only way to achieve your goals is to track your progress. Keeping track is the only way you can tell you are gaining mass or just adding extra fat.
  3. Properly nourish yourself but making sure you are replenishing what your body with the right amount of protein and healthy carb intake. Post workout nutrition is vital in maximizing muscle growth. Whey protein and a fast acting carbohydrate are the perfect combination.
  4. Don’t forget to add 20-30 minutes of cardio 2-3 times a week. Cardiovascular training improves the heart’s ability to pump blood and increases oxygen flow. Doing cardio while bulking will keep you lean.
  5. Rest and recovery are key elements when looking to increase muscle mass. Workouts are a stimulus for muscle growth, but if you don’t take the time to rest, your muscles won’t repair and results suffer.
We all can agree that most people want to have a lean and muscular physique. Obtaining a toned physique takes hard work and dedication. It is a process that takes time and patience. It is easy to become confused as to what is the correct way to gain muscle due to the various training programs. Rules are the main principles and keys to a successful bulking program that can apply to anyone who is looking put on a little muscle!
Original Article: Top 10 Rules of Successful Clean Bulking, 12/17/15

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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