5 Ways to Tell if the Person You’re Dating is Emotionally Unavailable

by Chris Miquel December 27, 2015

5 Ways to Tell if the Person You’re Dating is Emotionally Unavailable


  • Despite their words, people who are not ready to commit to a relationship make it obvious through their actions.
  • An emotionally unavailable person might send mixed signals that convey a “come here, go away” dynamic in the relationship.

Sometimes people don’t know what they want. It’s okay, we all go through those moments, but it’s not really fair to drag a potential romantic partner along with you for that ride.

Those who are chronically emotionally unavailable throw out signals that we tend to ignore, if we are the person interested in them. If you’ve been dating someone and you’re starting to question their emotional push/ pull tactics, check out these five ways to tell if your beloved just isn’t ready to commit to you, or anyone, for that matter.

  1. Communication is sporadic, at best.
  2. Sex is priority number one, not getting to know you.
  3. They have not/ will not introduce you to their friends or family.
  4. They seem hung up on an ex and still regularly communicate with them.
  5. The status of your relationship remains undefined… purposely.

Original Article: 5 Signs the Person You’re Dating is Emotionally Unavailable, MindBodyGreen.com, 12/8/15

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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