Easy Life Hacks to Help You Lose Weight

by Chris Miquel December 30, 2015

Easy Life Hacks to Help You Lose Weight


  • Personal motivation runs out, so surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.
  • Although there are easy “hacks” to better you towards your weight loss goal, there are NO quick fixes.

We all know how hard it is to lose weight. Many of us have tried numerous diets and exercise programs only to end in failure. With the growing number of exercise fads and diets that claim to give you the world, it’s ironic to see a linear growth in obesity over the years. The truth of the matter is that there is no single diet or exercise program that will magically melt your fat away. However, there are so many things you can do to get yourself on the right track towards a better you.

Here are a couple of life hacks that will aid in your weight loss journey.

Make a Commitment to Yourself

Whether that’s writing up a contract to yourself and signing it or simply verbalizing your goals, you must commit first to yourself before you can begin any sort of weight loss journey.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time and Stop Eating Out

Always keep your fridge stocked up on healthy meals and snacks so that you can be prepared throughout your busy schedule.

Keep a Food and Workout Diary

One of the best ways to lose weight fast is by tracking your nutrition and workout progress. By doing this, you quickly be able to recognize any mistakes or areas to change within your given diet or exercise, because you will have everything tracked.

Say Goodbye to Sugar!

In our bodies sugar or glucose can be burned as energy or converted into glycogen (essentially: liver and muscle fuel). So in that sense sugar is very important, but only in moderation. The problem is that we consume WAY too much sugar, causing our body to store it as fat.

Celebrate Your Successes to Stay Motivated

It’s important to set attainable, realistic short-term, and long-term goals so that you always have something you’re always working towards. When you reach one goal, celebrate it, and then hit it hard the next day, always keeping the end in mind. As you begin to see progress, celebrate, but never be satisfied. This will give you the confidence and motivation to keep pushing towards your goals.

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


Chris is a serial entrepreneur, internet marketer, and founder of Get Your Fit Together who was an out of shape father who is finally Getting His Fit Together. He started the publication in hopes of empowering a Fitter, Healthier, and Happier You!

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